Ready to File your Homeowner’s Insurance Claim?

Are you filing a damage claim for your dwelling? How can you be certain your insurance company is providing you with the full amount that your damage is worth? While this is a confusing process for many, the insurance claim attorneys at Leader & Leader P.A. in Fort Lauderdale, FL want to provide you with some Q&A’s that may better assist you as you prepare to get your homeowners insurance claim filed and ensure it is handled properly, and fairly.

What is the first thing I should do after my home has been damaged? According to United Policyholders, it is important that you document the details of your home according to how it was prior to the damage. For instance, consider the flooring, walls, windows, finishes, etc. as all of this may need to be replaced. Although some damage claims aren’t as severe as others, you want to know that your home is going to be restored back to its original living condition.

How can I be proactive in determining how much damage has occurred? Because your home is probably your most expensive asset, not to mention the place that shelters you and your family, you want to know that everything that has been damaged is replaced according to the terms of your policy. Florida insurance claims lawyers at Leader & Leader P.A. recommend you make a note of all the damage that has been done. Your insurance agent is an active person and may overlook one thing or another. But, if you document everything down to the lifted wood boards or the small crack in the wall, there is a better chance nothing is overlooked.

How do I know my insurance company isn’t providing me with a lowball offer? Although your insurer is going to claim they have your best interest in mind, while this may be true, there are some concerns to keep in mind. Your insurance carrier is a company, and all companies thrive off of profits. Therefore, the less they have to pay in for your home repairs, the better off they are. This is one of the main reasons why you want to obtain at least two separate estimates from private contractors. Because the overall goal is to get you and your insurer on the same page when it comes to what your damage is worth, you can use their estimates and yours as well to arrive at an amount you both can agree on.

What if my insurance company isn’t willing to negotiate? Although many property owners are able to settle on an amount that is both suitable for them and the insurer, sometimes insurance companies aren’t willing to negotiate. And if your home has sustained significant damage that has even displaced you and your family, there is no room for your repairs to be underestimated.

In the event your insurer isn’t willing to budge on your insurance claim settlement, it may be time you speak with Michael L. Leader in Fort Lauderdale who is a qualified insurance claim dispute lawyer and can determine what the next course of action may be to help get you the funds you are entitled to receive.

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