Research Indicates That Concussions May Impact Women More

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana. There has been a great deal of research on male brain injury, largely because more men are involved in contact sports where brain injuries are common. This research benefits doctors when working with patients who have suffered head injuries due to a car accident or due to another injury. However, recent research indicates that women may take longer to recover from brain injuries. Only until recently have doctors begun to consider the different ways women and men might respond to traumatic brain injury and concussions.

According to NPR, recent research on brain injured mice shows that female mice may take longer to recover. Early research and studies on humans indicate that women may see symptoms of brain injuries longer than men and may be more likely to suffer from a concussion. For example, in a car accident in which a woman suffers whiplash, a woman’s neck muscles might be weaker than a man’s, making it more likely that her head might get jostled around more. While this is just a theory, early research indicates that women may be more likely to suffer concussion symptoms after an injury.

However, according to Scientific American, recent studies have shown conflicting evidence and have not offered strong enough evidence to offer different protocols for women’s concussions. Still, researchers have found that girls reported being symptom free one month after an accident, while boys reported being symptom free after two weeks. Cultural differences might need to be taken into account. Boys in athletic programs may be taught to downplay their injuries or symptoms to get back on the field. Boys have more to gain by playing—they can earn more money in professional sports than women can. Women, on the other hand, may be more encouraged to consider their holistic health.

At the end of the day, if you or a loved one has suffered a concussion in a car accident, gender should not necessarily play a role in medical treatment. However, if women might be more prone to suffer concussion symptoms, it is especially important that women seek appropriate medical treatment. Proper concussion treatment can lead to better recovery, prognosis, and long-term health. However, concussion and traumatic brain injury may not always be diagnosed on the scene of the accident. This is why if you notice symptoms such as dizziness, confusion, problems with memory, and other issues, you might want to speak to your doctor. You may also be entitled to seek damages for your medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages. The personal injury lawyers at Smith Stag in New Orleans, Louisiana can help you and your loved ones seek the damages you may be entitled to receive under the law. Visit our firm at to learn more. Traumatic brain injury can impact all aspects of your life, from your ability to work and play to your ability to enjoy life, care for your children, and enjoy regular life activities. Our firm works closely with injured individuals and their families to help them seek justice under the law.

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