Sexual Harassment in the Tech Industry: Uber May Not Be an Isolated Case

AKRON, Ohio. Uber made headlines recently after an employee recently published an article about her experience with sexual harassment at the company. According to the Washington Post, several female workers had reported unwanted advances to Uber’s human resources department. Reports suggest that the women’s claims may not have been taken seriously. The women were allegedly advised to switch teams. However, according to allegations, the manager in question had been accused of other instances of sexual harassment in the past with other female employees.

This wasn’t the only case where female employees have faced alleged discrimination at Uber. According to female workers, there were other reported instances where male workers received kickbacks and gifts while female workers received nothing.

While Uber is in the spotlight, other tech companies have come under fire after facing allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination. Many of these companies have few women in technical roles. This imbalance can lead to issues on the job. According to TechCrunch, 60% of women report receiving unwanted sexual advances from male colleagues. The line between asking a co-worker on a date and sexual harassment is a thin one. For instance, one worker asking another on a date isn’t necessarily sexual harassment, while continued unwanted sexual advances can be considered sexual harassment.

Alarmingly, many women who report sexual harassment may not get help from their human resource department. If you are a worker in Akron, Ohio who has experienced sexual harassment in the workplace but has not been able to get help from your human resources department, a sexual harassment lawyer may be able to help. The Law Offices of F. Benjamin Riek III can review the details of your case. In some instances, women may be forced to leave their position because of the harassment. You may be entitled to compensation if you have had to step down from a position due to workplace sexual harassment, or if you faced wrongful termination for reporting harassment.

Sexual harassment can be tough to prove in court, but many workplaces are wary to have cases of sexual harassment go public. With the assistance of a qualified Akron, Ohio employment discrimination lawyer like the Law Offices of F. Benjamin Riek III you may be able to settle your case outside of court.

Employers need to understand that failing to protect their employees from workplace sexual harassment comes with serious consequences. While many workplaces appear to have procedures to handle cases of sexual harassment, not all employers follow through on these policies.

In some cases, women who report sexual harassment face wrongful termination. Or, they may face retaliation from their employers. One woman reported getting “written up” for being late right after reporting sexual harassment to human resources. Unfortunately, many women are wary to change jobs when they face discrimination and challenges because they believe that many of the male-dominated companies foster a similar environment. Until more women speak up, and make public their stories, companies may not be likely to change their behavior or their workplace dynamics.

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