Should Snapchat Be Held Liable When Drivers Use New Filters While Driving?

ATLANTA, Georgia. A new Snapchat feature allows drivers to take photos of themselves while driving. The feature indicates the speed at which the driver is traveling when the photo is taken. Many claim that this feature encourages users to engage in distracted driving behavior. The feature has been heavily criticized as authorities have been citing drivers for distracted driving while using the Snapchat feature. Some even claim that the App is encouraging drivers to be distracted while behind the wheel. According to KTL5, both a teen and Snapchat are facing lawsuits for a car accident that resulted when a driver used Snapchat while driving. The other driver allegedly wanted to post a Snapchat photo of herself driving fast. Instead, the driver collided with another vehicle while allegedly traveling 107 miles per hour in an area with a 55 miles per hour speed limit.

The driver of the other vehicle, who was not using Snapchat at the time of the accident suffered traumatic brain injuries and spent 5 weeks in the hospital. The injured driver is suing Snapchat and the other driver to cover medical expenses. Snapchat has allegedly been aware of the risk of accidents when individuals use the filter while driving. Yet, the company has refused to remove the filter. The big question in the case is whether Snapchat should be held liable for the personal injuries that result when individuals use their filters. The case may set a precedent and may be closely monitored by car accident attorneys like The Finnell Firm. Some lawyers believe that the injured individual may have a valid product’s liability case and also a personal injury case against the other driver. Snapchat claims that the filter includes a warning advising users not to take photos while driving.

According to WBUR, some claim that the filter encourages speeding and encourages distracted driving—both are practices known to result in more deadly accidents and to endanger others on the road. According to Driver’s Alert, social media features increase the likelihood that people will use their phones while driving. Snapchat’s new feature almost seems to invite irresponsible use.

Safe driving is everyone’s responsibility. Drivers should put away their phones while they are behind the wheel. Teens and young drivers are particularly at risk. Teen drivers may not be able to manage distractions as effectively as more experienced drivers. Parents should speak to their teens about the risks of texting and driving. Parents should also be aware that they could be held financially responsible for their teen’s behavior behind the wheel. For instance, if a person gets injured when a teen is texting and driving, parents may be responsible for paying medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering expenses.

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