Spider Blamed for Broward Car Crash—How to Protect Yourself from Deadly Distractions

BROWARD, Florida. Drivers are often warned about the range of distractions that can result in deadly accidents. We are warned to put down our phones, avoid texting and driving, and are told to follow the rules of the road. Yet, according to the Miami Herald, one woman found herself face to face with a particularly creepy distraction. After hitting a light pole, the driver reported that she had been distracted when she noticed a spider spinning a web above her head. When the spider dropped down to her body, the woman lost control of her vehicle. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the accident. However, had she crashed into another vehicle, she could have potentially be held liable for her actions behind the wheel, spider or no. According to WPTV, the crash damaged a light pole, knocking it into the street.

Apparently, car insect invasions and other creepy crawlies being found inside cars is not as unusual as drivers would probably want to believe. However, at the end of the day, you are responsible for your car’s maintenance—and this includes pest maintenance. Drivers who are “distracted” by insects who then get into a crash could be held liable for damages they cause. The car accident lawyers at the Madalon law firm in Broward, Florida see cases where distracted driving results in injuries to innocent victims.

So, what can drivers do to protect themselves from insect invasions? According to Boston.com, cars can become havens for animals including mice, rats, squirrels, and insects. In fact, in colder regions, mice and rats may be attracted to vehicles because they are warm. In Florida, cats and other animals may try to hide under the hood of a car for shelter from the sun. Sometimes the infestations can cause engine problems. According to Boston.com, Mazda had to recall vehicles that had spider infestations in the fuel tank. The spider’s webs were blocking airflow, a situation which could make a car more likely to burst into flames.

One of the best ways drivers can prevent unwanted infestations is by cleaning the car. Without food, insects and other critters won’t survive long. You can also use the same insect repellants you’d use in your home, though you want to make sure you ventilate your car while treating it.

Generally, car insect infestations are easier to handle than a home infestation, but they can be gross. Some drivers find that they can’t focus on the road if they know that there are insects in the car. Anything that could potentially distract you while you are behind the wheel should be managed. Otherwise, drivers run the risk of facing liability for car accidents caused by distraction. The Madalon law firm in Broward, Florida are auto accident lawyers who see a range of cases. We can review your claim, determine the causes of your accident, and fight to hold the negligent humans responsible for your crash. After all, even if an insect startled a driver, the driver remains in control of the vehicle.

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