Teen from Indianapolis Hit and Killed by Truck While Trying to Catch the School Bus

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If you have a child who rides the school bus, one of the most important things that cannot be stressed enough is roadway safety. Many of the children and teens who ride the bus to and from school find themselves having to cross busy streets just to get to their stop and if they aren’t careful or know how to cross safely, they put their lives at risk. Sadly, one teen was killed when he attempted to cross the street in an effort to catch his bus to school.

Fox 59 identified the teen as 17-year-old Dalton Bandy who was a junior at Indianapolis East Lighthouse Academy. Bandy had been running late for the bus and attempted to cross the street in the 3900 block of North Emerson Avenue and flag down his bus. In the process of doing so, “he stepped into the path of a truck.” When emergency medical personnel arrived, they transported Bandy to an area hospital and he was said to be in critical condition at that time. He had a severe head injury as well as a laceration across the side of his head.

The truck driver remained at the scene for questioning. Unfortunately, Bandy’s injuries were too much for him to pull through from and he later passed away. When the news source spoke with Bandy’s aunt, she acknowledged that she wasn’t blaming the truck driver for causing the accident. In fact, the source stated that she is actually “pushing to make the busy street safer for kids who are just trying to catch the school bus. She said, “You don’t see crosswalks unless it’s right in front of the schools. You don’t see yield signs. You don’t see flashers. You don’t see anything. You see thousands of people trying to get to and from where they’re going and a kid could easily be the target unintentionally,”

Officials who work with the Indianapolis East Lighthouse Academy also spoke with Fox 59 and said that once they collected all the details pertaining to this accident, they would be “taking a closer look at the street to see if bus routes needed to change or if other safety precautions were necessary.”

While it seems as though crossing the roadway is easy enough if you look both ways for cars or trucks, the truth is, both children and adults are struck by vehicles on a daily basis. And children are even more at risk when crossing to catch the bus as they are still learning how to do this safely.


bus accident lawyers in Indianapolis, IN
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