The Danger Lurking on Your Kitchen Sink

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana. We hear the frightening statistics about the risk of car accidents and distracted driving. We hear about the risk of contaminated water, toxic oil spills, and radioactive waste. Yet, the real danger may be lurking on our kitchen sinks. According to Mother Jones, antibiotic resistant infections lead to 2 million people getting sick every year. These infections can leave people with drug-resistant urinary tract infections, staph infections, and gastrointestinal illness. The meat and poultry industry’s overreliance on antibiotics may be resulting in more of us getting sick and may be leaving doctors with fewer options to treat our illnesses.

Yet, will the poultry and meat industry hold itself accountable to personal injuries resulting from increased infections in the general population? Probably not anytime soon. Studies on the drug-resistant infections initially showed that workers in the meat industries were the ones who were being affected. Over time, studies have found evidence linking deadly food-borne illness to overuse of antibiotics. Today, fewer companies over rely on antibiotics, but the legacy of their use remains with us.

According to the Guardian, antibiotic resistance is spreading. There now exist bacteria that are resistant to even the most powerful “last resort” antibiotics. In the old days, people sometimes died when they were wounded, underwent surgery, or when a wound got infected. Today, antibiotics protect us. However, if drug-resistant bacteria spread, our use of antibiotics could become impotent.

While drug-resistant superbugs were once confined to hospital settings where strong antibiotics were used heavily, these bugs are now being found outside the hospital. Resistant MRSA bacteria kills up to 30% of people when it enters the bloodstream. According to the Daily Mail, this resistant bacteria may be carried by people outside hospitals. The bacteria is only deadly if it enters the bloodstream, so patients may not be aware that they are carriers until it is too late.

Antibiotics are not only present in the meat industry and hospitals. In some cases, antibiotic use in the fishing industry has resulted in antibiotics leaking into the water supply as well as rivers and streams. This can also lead to people becoming infected with drug-resistant bacteria.

So, what can you do to protect yourself? First, don’t ask your doctor to prescribe antibiotics unless you have a bacterial infection that requires treatment. Antibiotics won’t help your common cold symptoms, though they are used to treat infections like strep throat. Too many doctors prescribe antibiotics that actually do nothing to help treat their patient’s symptoms.

Next, if you feel that your illness or injury is the result of contaminated water, soil, or oil, you may want to contact Smith Stag.

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