The False Claims Act Under the Trump Administration

JACKSON, Mississippi. The False Claims Act or “qui tam” litigation is a provision of the law that allows individuals to report fraud and abuse against the federal government. Qui tam litigation offers unique protections to whistleblowers and even allows whistleblowers to receive a portion of the money the government recovers in a case. Because there are so many cases of fraud against Medicare and other agencies, the government doesn’t have the time to investigate all wrongdoing. Qui tam litigation allows the general public to report fraud under the False Claims Act while enjoying unique protections under the law. If you believe you have witnessed Medicare fraud or other forms of fraud against the government, you may want to contact the Jackson, MS false claims lawyers at the Heilman Law Group, P.A. Having a lawyer is incredibly important because you should only pursue qui tam or False Claims Act litigation if you have a strong case. If your case is not accepted, you may not enjoy certain protections that the law provides. According to the National Law Review, a qui tam lawsuit can be a long, complex, and challenging process. Having a qualified lawyer on your side every step of the way can offer protections.

Some have been concerned about whether the False Claims Act will continue to be a priority of the Trump administration. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has explicitly stated that he will crack down on government waste and abuse. According to the National Law Review, Attorney General Sessions has promised to make eliminating fraud and waste a high priority during his tenure. The False Claims Act is one strong method that the government uses to eliminate fraud and abuse.

Many in the administration find the False Claims Act effective because it gives the federal government a way to recover money lost in fraud without having to perform lengthy dead-end investigations. Your qui tam lawyer will review the evidence you have as a whistleblower and offer an honest assessment of whether you have a strong case under the law.

One of the things that may change under Attorney General Sessions is the length of time False Claims Act cases are under seal. The time these cases remain under seal often serves to protect whistleblowers, so lawyers will likely have to take a close look at whether the length of time that cases are under seal will be changed. As it stands, the seal gives the government and qui tam initiators an advantage in investigating a case.

The Heilman Law Group, P.A. will be closely looking at how the new administration handles qui tam lawsuits. If you believe you have witnessed fraud against the government, it is important to act swiftly. If you choose to act as a whistleblower you could earn a portion of the money the government recovers, which can be a very significant recovery in some cases. Visit to learn more about your rights and options.

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