The Risks of Using Free or Cheap Online Boilerplate Contracts

BETHESDA, Maryland. Online resources make it easier than ever for managers and business owners to view and even download template contracts. From sample lease agreements to sample employment contracts, business owners have access to more information now than ever. However, choosing to use free or cheap online contracts can come with risks. While these contracts may save you money now, they could create legal or financial difficulties later if the contract isn’t specific to your business needs or if you choose the wrong contract.

According to the Huffington Post, with so many possible templates available, it is all too easy to make a mistake. For example, a business owner might download and use a non-compete agreement, unaware that the contract is not enforceable in her state. Or, a manager might choose the wrong contract for his or her business structure.

A qualified lawyer can offer guidance and review all options available that would have been enforceable under the law. For example, the qualified business lawyer in Bethesda, Maryland like the Law Offices of Michael E. Gross, can take the time to understand your business needs, concerns, and advise you about the appropriate contract to use to protect your rights. Our firm can review your contracts or draft contracts that will be enforceable in the areas where you are doing business.

Sometimes a contract is not enough. While online contracts are readily available, they may not let you know about the regulations, limitations, and laws in your area. A lawyer can also help you understand your rights and responsibilities. According to the Balance, boilerplate online contracts don’t often come with guidance about your rights and limitations. These contracts are written to be generally applicable. They may not address concerns that are specific to your business operations.

Boilerplate contracts may also not consider specific legal concerns or issues for your industry or your area. State and local regulations differ across the country. You may not be aware of certain rules or regulations that govern your industry and using a boilerplate contract may not be appropriate or protect your rights in the way that you think. For example, rental agreements may be governed by specific laws and rules depending on where your property is located. In one area of the city, you may be able to raise rent with a given notice and timeframe, while in another area of the city, there may be rent controls that limit your ability to raise rent, with or without a contract. While boilerplate contracts may be available for rental notices, these contracts seldom inform landlords about rules and regulations in their area.

The business lawyer at the Law Offices of Michael E. Gross in Bethesda, Maryland can review your contracts and business plans with an objective eye. If you are already using boilerplate online contracts, our firm can review these contracts, review your business practices, and counsel you on what contract you need to use or modify existing contracts to help them better meet your needs.


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