Wage and Hour Violations: Know Your Rights in Akron, Ohio

AKRON, Ohio. Under the law, most workers in Ohio are entitled to receive a minimum wage. For 2017, this wage is $8.15 per hour for employees who do not receive tips. According to the Ohio Department of Commerce, non-tipped employees are classified as such when they earn less than $30.00 in tips per month. However, there are exemptions to these requirements. For instance, if an employer earns less than $299,000 per year, then the federal minimum wage prevails. Currently, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. If you are earning less than this wage, you have rights under the law. The Law Offices of F. Benjamin Riek III are Akron, Ohio employment discrimination lawyers who may be able to assist you.

Wage and hour violations can take other forms as well. Individuals who work excess of 40 hours each week could be entitled to receive overtime pay. This rate is currently one and a half times the minimum wage rate. Another way workers can lose out on pay they may be entitled to receive is if they are misclassified in their job category. There are several ways a worker can be misclassified under the law. For instance, sometimes employers pay workers the tipped minimum wage even though the workers don’t receive tips.

There are certain job classifications where individuals may not be paid the minimum wage. This includes, nannies, babysitters, at-home caretakers, certain kinds of commissioned workers, and workers at a family-run business. Other types of seasonal workers, farm workers, and other workers in certain industries may also be exempt from federal and local minimum wage laws. It can be helpful to understand your protections before you act.

If you believe that you are not getting the pay that you are entitled to receive under the law, the Akron, Ohio employment law attorneys at the Law Offices of F. Benjamin Riek III may be able to help you receive your lost wages and back pay.

Employers can face serious fines for breaking federal wage laws. According to the United States Department of Labor, employers who are in violation of federal wage laws can face fines up to $10,000. Because these violations can be costly and even potentially result in criminal action, employers who are in violation of minimum wage laws may be more willing to settle with workers outside of court. An employment law attorney can review the facts of your case, determine whether you qualify for federal or Ohio minimum wage, and help you fight to receive the fair wage you deserve.

It can be frightening to fight your employer for your rights, but in some cases workers may be protected from employer retaliation. It can be useful to have a wage and hour violation lawyer working on your side if you suspect that you are not receiving the pay you deserve. An attorney can stand beside you every step of the way, offer a roadmap forward, and help you fight for the best possible outcome under the law.

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