What Should I Do If I’m in a Car Accident While Pregnant?

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana. According to SafeRide4Kids, every year an estimated 3,000 pregnancies are lost due to car crashes. This is fortunately only a small percentage of the women who are pregnant who are involved in car accidents every year (approximately 170,000). Some women who go on to have miscarriages after a car accident may not always be aware that their crash resulted in the miscarriage because the miscarriage can sometimes happen days or weeks after a crash. This is why it is wise to speak to a car accident lawyer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, like Andress Inzina. Our firm can fight negligent parties to hold them financially accountable for their actions. The loss of a pregnancy can be traumatic and difficult, but if your miscarriage may have been due to a car accident, a lawyer may be able to help.

It is an expectant mother’s worst nightmare. Yet, there are ways to prevent car accident-related miscarriages. According to The Bump, if you were involved in a serious crash where your air bags deployed or if you experience any bleeding, you should always go to the emergency room to get checked out. While you probably won’t require emergency medical care after a fender bender, it still may be a good idea to follow up with your doctor, especially if you are pregnant. If you hit your abdomen, even during a minor accident, you could experience a condition called placental abruption. If this occurs, your placenta can pull away from your uterus, potentially cutting off the blood supply to the fetus. It is important to seek medical care after any accident, but more so when you are pregnant, because the impact of a crash may not be immediately apparent after an accident.

Even if the mother is not injured in crash, the fetus could be hurt. According to an article published in Nature, there have been reported cases where a fetus suffered extensive neurological injury after an airbag deployed. While the use of seat belts and air bags can increase a mother’s survival rate, this technology can sometimes prove hazardous to a developing fetus.

So, what can pregnant women do to protect the fetus while driving? According to Baby Center, women should always buckle up while driving, but they should position the belt under the abdomen. If you must drive, position your seat as far away from the wheel as possible. Recommendations suggest that women position themselves at least ten inches away from the steering wheel. When possible, be a passenger rather than a driver, but don’t disable your airbags. Experts note that the risk airbags pose are far less than the risk of injury when there are no airbags at all.

Finally, if you’ve been in an accident, seek medical attention as soon as possible. According to the Centers for Disease Control, women who are in an accident are at higher risk of pre-term labor. If you have suffered pregnancy complications due to a crash, the Baton Rouge, Louisiana personal injury lawyers at Andress Inzina may be able to assist you. Contact us today at 800-522-6733 for a free, initial consultation.

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