What You Need to Know About Getting Divorced in Your 20s

MIAMI, Florida. While getting married in your early twenties remains relatively uncommon, there are now more people who are finding themselves divorced in their twenties. According to Vice, only 10 percent of women and 6 percent of men below age 24 are married. Yet, some who get married young may eventually decide they jumped into marriage too soon.

Between the ages of 20 and 30 individuals in modern American society undergo major changes. Some begin their 20s in college, finding the road fraught with change as they navigate post-college life and search for stable work. Individuals may move to multiple cities, pursue multiple careers, and develop diverse interests. Maintaining a long-term relationship during these changes can be difficult, if not impossible, for some. Individuals who get married in their early to mid-twenties may find themselves struggling years later when their partner decides to make a major career change or move to a different city.

One of the major issues that individuals in their 20s struggle with is the stigma. Yet, more individuals who get divorced in their 20s are learning to embrace the changes that come with getting divorced young. For instance, some young divorcees use the opportunity to reinvent themselves and their lives. Others embrace the lessons they learned about marriage from their first failed one. Individuals who get divorced young may also be more independent, unmoved by outside judgement, and sound in their decisions.

One of the upsides of divorcing young is that you and your former spouse may not have amassed assets or have children, meaning that your divorce may be easier and you may even qualify for a Florida simplified divorce. In order to qualify for a simplified divorce, you and your spouse must both agree to the divorce, have no children, not be pregnant, and have decided how you’ll divide assets, property, and debts.

However, even if you think you may qualify for a simplified divorce, it is still a good idea to seek the advice of a qualified Miami, Florida divorce lawyer like Sandy B. Becher, P.A. Young divorcees may have student loans, credit card debt, or car loans. It can be difficult to disentangle the financial burdens you and your spouse may have amassed during your marriage. If your marriage is falling apart, you may want to quickly get divorced and move on. However, divorce is not something you’ll want to rush. The decisions you make during your divorce can come back to haunt you later, especially if you take on your spouse’s financial burdens or debts. If you have children, it is very important to seek help. You cannot have a simplified divorce if you have children, and you’ll need to consider a long-term co-parenting plan.

Younger divorcees are also more at risk of making mistakes on social media. Remember that anything you say or do on social media could impact your divorce settlement and your parenting plan. While your first impulse may be to vent to your friends about your ex on Facebook, it might be best to have those conversations in private—off the record.

Finally, make sure you have the support you need. Divorce at any age is immensely emotionally challenging. You will find that your life has been changed. You may have never lived on your own. You may struggle as friends “take sides.” Find friends and family you can trust, and finally, consider speaking to a Miami, Florida divorce lawyer like the Sandy B. Becher, P.A. Our firm can help you navigate the challenges as you move forward with your life.

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