Why Do Women File for Divorce More than Men?

HOLLYWOOD, Florida. According to Psychology Today, a recent study found that women initiate almost 70% of all divorces that take place—but why? In therapeutic situations, counselors often see women facing more conflict over marriage and partnerships. On average, men express concerns when there is dissatisfaction in a marriage, but they are less likely to be as troubled in marital relationships than women.

So why is it the case that men experience more satisfaction in marital relationships than women do. This may have to do with the fact that marriage may be more oppressive and uncomfortable for women due to antiquated gender roles that individuals may still harbor as they enter a marital union. For instance, wives take on their husband’s last names, itself an act that subsumes a woman’s identity. There may also be an unspoken expectation that women perform the majority of the housework and child rearing.

According the Men’s Health, women reported lower levels of marital happiness than men did. Interestingly, in dating or cohabitating relationships, women were found to be about equally as satisfied as the men were and were equally likely to end or continue the relationship as the man. Researchers theorize that cohabitating or dating couples may be more egalitarian in terms of gender roles and definitions and therefore this may result in more happiness for women in the relationship.

According to a Stanford University sociologist, women may not be as “well-served” in marriage as men are. One study shows that women and men who both work outside the home generally spend about the same amount of time working each week, only, when women are home, they generally enjoy 20% less leisure time than men because they spend more time on housework.

Studies have also shown that married men are generally better off than married women. In fact, according to Psychology Today, men primarily enjoy the status boost, the boost in wealth, and the increase in happiness during marriage. Some researchers suggest that marriage still carries with it old ideas of female subjugation. After all, under old common law systems, women were the property of men.

Yet, divorce can be a process that brings women immense grief, shame, and guilt. Ending a marriage is no easy choice. Yet, for some women, the choice allows them to move forward with their lives, pursue career opportunities that were impossible within the marriage, and allows them to leave behind a relationship that may no longer be working.

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