Is Atlanta the Worst City to Be An Undocumented Immigrant?

A recent Huffington Post report suggested that statistically, Atlanta, Georgia is one of the toughest U.S. cities in the country to be an undocumented immigrant. For instance, in a recent raid where 336 undocumented immigrants—many of whom were children—were picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, many were caught in Atlanta.
While immigration law is consistent from state to state, the odds of being caught vary depending on where you live. In Atlanta, 88% of the cases that went to court, resulted in an order for removal. These numbers are significant when one considers that, on average, across the country, removal orders stand at about 52% when cases go before a judge.
According to the Huffington Post, immigration lawyers note that Atlanta judges are more reluctant to grant relief than judges in other districts. In some cases, judges have been accused of aggressive questioning, harassing children, and subjecting domestic violence victims to harsh interrogations. For trauma victims and asylum-seekers fleeing violent countries, these tactics can be devastating. If you live in Atlanta, Georgia and are facing an immigration hearing, it is incredibly important to protect yourself. Kuck Immigration Partners work tirelessly to protect the rights of immigrants and their families, and fight actively to promote pro-immigration legislation.
According to Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Database, some judges in Atlanta have denial rates as high as 98 percent. Compare this with New York City, where denial rates were 16 percent in some courts. According to the records, some of the best places to seek asylum included: Honolulu, New York City, and Phoenix, Arizona. In these cities, the approval rate ranged from 70 to 80%.
In Atlanta, there have been cases where judges made decisions before immigrants were able to receive legal counsel. To make matters worse, some of the judges appointed during the Bush Administration had little to no experience in immigration law. The Bush Administration vetted judges during this time to appoint judges with political leanings in accordance with the administration.
This is disturbing news, given that the U.S. plans another round of deportation raids, according to Reuters. Individuals facing immigration include children who entered the country without a parent or guardian who have turned 18 since their crossing. Many of the targets include women and children fleeing violence in Central America. The Obama Administration has made it a priority to remove recent illegal immigrants from the country.
If you’re facing an immigration hearing, or if you or a loved one is being detained, you have important rights under the law. You have a right to a fair hearing and you have the right to seek the legal representation of an immigration lawyer. Kuck Immigration Partners are Atlanta Georgia immigration lawyers who understand the importance of every case. When your future, your dreams, and your rights are uncertain, you need a lawyer who can offer you the caring and compassionate counsel you deserve. Our team works closely with each client to help them get the best possible outcome under the law. For more information visit http://www.immigration.net or call  (404) 816-8611.

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