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Medicaid Planning Law Firm in St. Petersburg, Florida

According to U.S. News & World Report, the average cost of a private room in a nursing facility is $8,365 per month, or more than $100,000 a year. A couple can very easily burn through their retirement savings at these rates. One way that families can plan ahead is through purchasing long-term care insurance. However, […]

Don’t Miss the Veterans Benefits You Deserve!

Did you know that only 20% of veterans and surviving spouses who are eligible for veterans benefits actually receive them?   Many veterans and their families miss out on life-changing benefits because they aren’t aware of the available benefits or their eligibility. Eligible veterans and family members often lose their rightful benefits because of the […]

Round Rock, Texas, Do All 18-Wheeler’s Have Event Data Recorders?

Event data recorders (EDRs) otherwise known as black boxes are collision recording devices that are installed in most commercial vehicles, including 18-wheelers. EDRs record vehicle information a few seconds before a collision occurs. The recording generally starts right before the accident and continues onwards during and after the collision as well. There are various models […]

Pickup Truck Accident Takes the Lives of Three in Maricopa, Arizona

Operating a larger vehicle can be difficult and the individual driving the larger vehicle should always stay vigilant if they want to ensure they maintain proper control of the vehicle. A sudden loss of control in such vehicles is not uncommon, as was dsiplayed on November 29 in Maricopa, Arizona. 4 Individuals who were driving […]

Child labor laws should not be disregarded by employers and federal and state jurisdictions can pursue civil and criminal actions when they do.

Wendy’s Restaurants across the U.S. have been accused of violating child labor laws and a Franchisee has been ordered to pay a six-figure fine.  Wendy’s is breaking child labor laws and several Florida franchises are involved.   Employment lawyers are valuable to fight for young people’s rights, after the identification of breaches in the Fair Labor […]

Mobile Alabama laws allow the government to take custody of children if their parents are involved in criminal activity

When a parent gets in serious legal trouble, the government may get involved and make their own determination as to whether one or both parents are allowed to maintain custody of their children. Domestic violence and crime can have serious effects on the custody rights of parents. An incident in Alabama resulted in two children […]

As migrant families reunite in the U.S. after deportation 18 months ago, will new legal avenues open up to reunite others who left families here?

  A group of parents who were deported from the U.S. are back in America, after an unprecedented court ruling. Nine parents who were deported as the Trump administration separated thousands of migrant families landed back in the US late on Wednesday to reunite with children they had not seen in a year and a […]

Is it weed or CBD at work: Can a lawyer help people in danger of being fired for using products containing Cannabidiol?

Federal laws. Federal legislation in 2018 deemed hemp to be outside of the category of illegal controlled substances.  The rise in the use of CBD products, from makeup to stress relief products in the United States marketplace could cause some confusion regarding previously placed standard operating procedures and human resource screening tools outcomes for drug […]