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Who Do You Sue if You Were Hit by a Mail Truck?

According to the most recent estimates, there are over 232,000 mail vehicles in the United States. This represents an increase of about 1,000 mail trucks compared to the previous year. With so many mail trucks driving around the nation, accidents are bound to happen. No matter how skilled a driver a postal worker might be, […]


What if I Was Disfigured in a Semi-Truck Accident?

While a broken leg or whiplash can be quite troubling after a truck accident, these injuries eventually heal with time. The same cannot be said for permanent disfigurements. By very definition, these injuries stay with you for the rest of your life, causing a host of not only physical issues, but also mental health concerns. […]


Are Braking Distances Improving on Newer Semi-Trucks?

One of the most notable safety concerns associated with semi-trucks in Utah is the fact that they take an incredibly long time to come to a complete stop. While it’s true that semi-trucks are also larger, heavier, and more likely to carry dangerous or flammable cargo, these problems simply aren’t an issue if drivers can […]


You’ll Be Horrified by the Latest Semi-Truck Accidents in Florida

The last thing any motorist wants to see is a semi-truck heading straight for them. These heavy vehicles are extremely difficult to maneuver, and their braking distances are ridiculously long. This means that when a trucker is on a collision course with you, it’s already too late for them to steer clear or come to […]


Here’s How You Prove Your Injuries are Legitimate in a Lawsuit

Perhaps the most important aspect of a personal injury lawsuit in upstate New York is proving that your injuries are legitimate. Without that, your personal injury lawsuit has no foundation. After all, it’s called a personal injury lawsuit for a reason. If no injury occurs, then no lawsuit can be filed. Or least, not a successful lawsuit. So […]


When Can You Sue a Doctor in Upstate New York?

There are many reasons to potentially sue a doctor in upstate New York. While most doctors are trained professionals who carry out their duties with care and diligence, some are capable of shocking acts of negligence. While it’s true that you can only sue doctors under very specific circumstances, you should know that you have […]


Semi-Truck vs. Fire Truck: Which Will Win?

We all know that when a semi-truck strikes a smaller passenger vehicle, it’s pretty obvious which one will come off worse. But what happens when two equally-sized vehicles collide with each other? What about two semi-trucks crashing in a head-on collision? What about a semi-truck crashing into a fire truck? What about a semi-truck crashing […]


The Latest Semi-Truck Accidents in Michigan Will Shock You

Everyone knows that semi-trucks are dangerous in Michigan. When you’re driving next to one of the vehicles on the highway, you might make sure you’re maintaining plenty of distance. Perhaps you feel your blood pressure rise as you pass a semi-truck, knowing that for a brief moment, you’re right in their blind spot. These fears […]


Why Are Garbage Trucks So Dangerous in Utah?

Although many commercial vehicles are dangerous in their own ways, garbage trucks pose specific and unique threats to innocent motorists in Utah. These heavy vehicles may cause significant property damages and terrible injuries in collisions. If you have been harmed by a garbage truck, you may be suffering from both of these consequences. Perhaps you […]


Can I Sue Bar Owners for DUI Injuries in California?

If you were injured by a drunk driver, you might be pointing your finger at all kinds of different people. The drunk driver might be the most obvious culprit, but there might be a range of other people responsible. What about the police officers who failed to apprehend the drunk driver before they crashed into […]


Common Motorcycle Injuries After Being Struck by Drunk Drivers

A motorcycle leaves you quite vulnerable to the elements and other vehicles. Even a slight bump from a car can send you hurtling to the ground, and these accidents can cause serious injuries. The chances of being injured rise significantly when drunk drivers are on the road. But what are some of the most common […]

Woman Goes on “GTA-Style” Rampage in Mississippi

Things can quickly get out of hand when you mix alcohol with cars in Mississippi. Throw a few police cars and firearms into the mix, and you have a recipe for pure mayhem. This is exactly what happened when a Mississippi woman went on what has been described as a “GTA-style” rampage in Jones County. […]