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Here are the 3 main differences between SSDI and SSI in El Paso

El Paso, TX – Texas residents who develop a condition that leaves them unable to earn a living can look for help from the Social Security Administration (SSA). There are two types of disability benefits you can access: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Supplemental Security Income. Both programs are administered by the SSA, but the […]

Can you get both SSDI and SSI in Santa Fe?

Santa Fe, NM – The Social Security Administration (SSA) has two programs available to people with a severe disability – Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). In most cases, people apply for either SSDI or SSI, but under certain circumstances, you may receive both types of disability benefits. What are the […]

What to expect at a disability hearing in El Paso?

El Paso, TX – If your social security disability benefits application is denied, you are entitled to appeal the decision and request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. You can also do that if the Social Security Administration (SSA) decides to stop your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments […]

Do You Need to Determine the Cause of a Semi-Truck Accident After Being Injured?

The amount of extra work that goes into filing a personal injury claim after a semi-truck accident often feels unfair. Why dump these responsibilities on an injured victim who is simultaneously dealing with medical injuries, hospital treatment, issues with their employment, pain or distress, and psychological trauma? Shouldn’t these people be given an opportunity to […]

Seniors in Illinois Are Getting Hit with All Kinds of Scams

Elder financial abuse is a very real threat for seniors throughout Illinois. And the problem is getting worse and worse. Within the past few weeks, numerous seniors have been targeted by scam artists in Illinois – with some losing their life savings. Although most people focus on physical abuse when trying to protect their elder […]

What Are the Most Dangerous Types of Trucks in Illinois?

There are many different types of trucks in Illinois, and each is associated with unique risks to innocent motorists in Chicago and Illinois. But what is the most dangerous type of truck in the state? This can be a difficult question to answer, as the truck itself is only part of the equation. You also […]

Types of Personal Injury Lawsuits in Illinois

If you have been harmed by a negligent party, one of the first steps is to determine what kind of lawsuit you should file. Although all personal injury lawsuits exist under the same general “umbrella,” there are unique considerations associated with specific types of injury claims. Once you identify what type of lawsuit you’d like […]

What Is Adultery & Is It Illegal? Everything You Need To Know

Depending on the state in which you live, it can be a criminal offense to engage in sexual relations with someone other than your current partner. However, this rule does not apply to all states. In some states, like New York, it is not illegal for married people to have an affair as long as […]

Five Most Common Criminal Offenses You Should Know About

Chrome can do a lot of physical and mental harm to a person. It can be divided into five categories: crime against a person, against property, inchoate, statutory, and financial crimes. There are several types of crimes that can be committed by people. For example… Crime committed against a person can be a homicide or […]

What Is A Car Accident Lawyer & What Is Their Role

If you meet with an accident, you need not only the treatment but all other monetary compensation, a right that is provided to you by the USA laws. But you might know that getting all the claims of compensation is not that easy. For this, you need to snatch justice and claims for yourself. But […]

Debunking 10 Myths About Personal Injury Compensation Claims

Personal injury claim is a legal procedure to obtain compensation when you have been hurt due to another party’s fault. Physical claims arise with injuries from road accidents, workplace mishaps, assaults, faulty product-related accidents, medical mismanagement, nursing home offenses, and harm caused by toxic waste. Defamation, wrongful arrests, intentionally causing emotional distress, invasion of privacy, […]

Who Should I Sue After a Truck Accident in Chicago?

After a truck accident in Chicago, it can be difficult to figure out who you should sue, and who you should hold accountable for your injuries. Each accident is different, and no amount of internet research can provide you with personalized information targeted towards your specific situation. In addition, you may be struggling with a […]

Can I Sue After Being Injured in a Chicago Police Chase?

Police officers in Chicago have a responsibility to chase down suspects who attempt to flee in their vehicles. After all, their job is to catch criminals. But what happens when innocent people are injured due to these police chases? What happens when police drive in a reckless manner – sacrificing public safety in an effort […]

Important information about customer data for law firms

King of Prussia, PA – Lawyers know that they can only keep their firm running by maintaining good relationships with their clients and constantly bringing in new business. This means getting to know existing clients, but also having a means available to meet the right kinds of potential clients. TradeMarc Global can assist law firms […]

Tips on filing a birth injury lawsuit in Chicago

Chicago, IL – No parent should have to read an article on birth injury lawsuits. This is an expecting couple’s worst nightmare. Although modern medicine has made childbirth a relatively safe procedure, sometimes things go wrong. Maybe the doctors told you they did their best, but, if either mother or baby were injured during childbirth, […]