Geneva, FL—When business partners encounter a disagreement, it can sometimes develop into a more serious matter. While some can agree to disagree or end the dispute, others simply cannot let go of the issue. This can land two business partners who came together to create or run a business in court.

Because court can be both time-consuming and costly, there may be a way for business partners to settle their dispute outside of court with the help of an experienced Geneva, FL business law attorney.


Settling a business dispute outside of court


A Geneva, FL business law attorney can help two parties who are in business together try and resolve their issues without having to get the court involved. An attorney can propose resolutions that may be a suitable way to bring the disagreement to an end. Some other ways business disputes can be resolved include:



When business partners cannot agree on how the company should be run or one party wants to change the business’s direction, the best way to end the dispute is through negotiation. For example, if one partner is not satisfied with how the other partner is carrying out their duties, they may negotiate or compromise on who does what. Perhaps the two may decide to shift duties or hire a third party to handle certain tasks.

If business partners want to remain in business together, it would be wise for them to negotiate until a settlement is reached.



Mediation serves as another way for business partners to resolve a conflict. Mediation involves a third party (i.e. a mediator) who is neutral to the matter who helps business partners resolve their issues. The mediator will listen to each partner’s concerns and propose some resolutions that can help them move forward either together or independently.


When a business dispute cannot be settled privately


If business partners in Central Florida are unable to settle their dispute with the help of a business lawyer or mediator, they always have the option of turning to the court for assistance. If a business partner plans on taking their matter to court, it would be in their best interest to retain a skilled business law lawyer in Geneva, FL to represent them.

A lawyer will help them present their side of the case and protect their rights as a business owner. Legal Counsel P.A. is a business law firm based in Central Florida that can help a business owner understand their legal rights and the options they have if a conflict has arisen between them and their business partner(s).


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