As if we haven’t witnessed enough police misconduct with officers shooting unarmed individuals in various cities across the U.S. including a recent account involving 40-year old Justine Damond, some recent police body cam footage has been released that will leave you speechless.
We confide in our police officers to protect, serve, and rid our communities of crime and mischief, however, they may actually be the ones contributing to all that is occurring. A recent story has emerged and now covers the front page of many news source sites offering you a chance to see for yourself why some police officers aren’t helping our communities, but hurting them.
When officer Pinheiro planted the drugs to help convict Tyrone Jones, he probably didn’t expect that his mistake would have him being viewed as the criminal.
The video footage you can find on New York Daily News and WBALTV displays an officer who has now been identified as Richard Pinheiro, caught on his own body cam planting drugs in a soup cup in an alley in Baltimore. He and two other officers were in the alley together when the bag of heroine pills were planted. The officers were then seen stepping out from the alleyway for a brief moment and then returning. Once officer Pinheiro went back into the alley, he appeared to be searching for some evidence after accusing Tyrone Jones, 27, of possessing heroin with the intent to distribute.
We can see him pick up one or two cans before he gets to the one he planted. He retrieves the bag of heroin pills as if it was the first time he had seen them. It is still unknown where the drugs came from but with the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office involved, there is sure to be an investigation regarding the possible crime that was committed.
Luckily for Jones who was represented by a police brutality attorney, his charges were dropped once the city state’s attorney’s office was notified of the footage. Jones had been in jail since January awaiting his trial for the possession of one heroin pill that was actually found on him and was facing a possible 12 years in jail had he accepted the plea bargain offer. Although he didn’t give in when offered this “deal,” he may have been sentenced to a much harsher penalty after rejecting that plea offer.

Baltimore Police Commissioner is Claiming the “Planting” of the Drugs May Have Been a Reenactment

Kevin Davis, who is the current Baltimore Police Commissioner, did confirm that one of his officers was suspended and stripped of his police powers until an internal investigation could be conducted. However, he was open to the idea that the placement of drugs may have been a reenactment of finding the bag because the body cameras had not been on when they originally discovered the drugs. Although this would be “inconsistent with the way that police officers do business,” they may keep that as an open option until further evidence is identified.
Innocent individuals are wrongfully arrested, abused, and killed all too often because of police brutality and misconduct. Anyone who is a victim to police misconduct should hire a police brutality lawyer in their city immediately.

Police Brutality and Misconduct is Happening and There are Ways to Combat it

We wonder why police officers are being targeted as they are the “protectors,” but when they plant evidence that could result in someone spending endless years of their life in jail and away from their family, it doesn’t become such a mystery after all. Although it probably was difficult for Jones to sit in jail for such a long period of time, with the help of his police brutality and misconduct attorney, he was able to walk away from the charges the free man he was before this officer decided he should be locked away behind bars.

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