Digital Age Marketing Group (DAMG) helping you grow your firm and maximize your profits. SEO is comprised of various strategies that are used to get your website ranking organically, increase the amount of traffic that is drawn to your site, and improve how it ranks across various search engines such as Google that people use every day to find firms like yours. These strategies, when implemented properly, result in real leads being drawn to your website that could potentially convert into a client. But the truth is, not every company that claims they have mastered SEO or promises to get you this traffic is actually able to deliver. The true advantages of having an SEO company working behind the scenes on your website who actually knows what they are doing and aren’t just trying to make a profit is that you too will benefit from the help, guidance, and insight the company can provide you with.   And the company that can do this is DAMG.  

What makes Digital Age Marketing Group the best SEO company out there?

  It’s easy enough to just say we are the best, but our company would much rather prove it.   Here are some of the reasons why our past and current clients consider us to be the best SEO company available:

  • We can help you build a website that is not only desktop and mobile-friendly, which is a must in today’s day and age, but it is guaranteed to help you retain clients. Websites are everything today. Their layout, the content provided on them, and all the technological aspects of them each play a role in getting yours noticed and clicked on. But, if your website doesn’t meet Google’s expectations, and yes Google has plenty of them, it isn’t going to want potential users who come online to search to find your website. However, with our skilled and experienced website builders on board at DAMG, that is never something you will have to worry about.
  • We guarantee you will show up on the first page of Google. Not many companies can offer this promise nor can those who do deliver on it. But DAMG can. For over 10 years, DAMG has promised our clients that we could get them on the first page of Google, and for 10 years, we have continued to keep our word. The truth is, having your website show up on Google’s first page of results can make a difference in whether you get hundreds or even thousands of clicks on your website from potential clients. Most people skim through the first set of search results they see on the first page and make their selection based off of what’s available. Very rarely do individuals, regardless of what they are searching for, go onto the nextpage or the page thereafter. So, you see, being on the first page of Google nearly guarantees that your website is going to be clicked when someone searches for an attorney and your website is one of the first ones to show up on their screen.
  • We get you organic traffic. SEO is all about driving organic traffic to your website, not just a lot of it. What we mean by this is that we will draw real people with real legal issues or questions who are in search of an attorney to your website, not just those who are skimming the web. Therefore, rather than tell you that we can get thousands and thousands of visitors to your site that won’t generate a lead, how about we promise you that we will get you organic traffic that is actually going to translate into a client?
  • We hone in on your niche, or area(s) of practice, and identify keywords that are profitable. What this means is that we will identify target keywords that potential leads are searching for that can be used to draw them to your website and not the site of your competitor.
  • We don’t have employees, we have SEO experts. That’s right. Our team of experts have mastered the ability to keep up with the current SEO strategies and even modify them regularly as they change to ensure you are always getting discovered by your target audience.
  • We track and report to you regularly. Rather than having you wonder how our hard work and expertise is paying off for your firm, we will show you. Our experts will provide you with real data, reports, etc. that will highlight exactly how our efforts and knowledge of SEO are paying off and helping benefit and grow your firm.

If you’re looking for a company that can deliver results that will have you saying, “I’m receiving too many leads,” rather than “I’m not getting any calls or traffic to my website,” then DAMG is definitely the ideal choice for you and your legal practice. With online competition at an all-time high and more firms just like yours fighting to gain recognition on the web, it is critical you hire an SEO company that not only can claim they are the best at SEO but can also prove it.

DAMG has helped thousands of law firms both large and small all across the U.S. grow their online presence along with their clientele, and we want to help you achieve the same results as well.

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