Joe Biden has landed a number of crucial endorsements for Super Tuesday, when districts in 14 states will vote for presidential candidates. Both Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar recently ended their campaigns, and followed with an endorsement for the former vice president shortly afterward. Beto O’Rourke, who had dropped out of the presidential race earlier last November, also announced his support for Biden. His win in the recent South Carolina primary has shown that many believe the more moderate and traditional wing of the Democratic party is better poised to win a national election than candidates with more extreme views. The win in South Carolina also put Biden just a couple of delegates behind Sanders for the top spot in the race. Several members of Congress also announced their support for Biden in the last few days. These representatives are from a diverse range of states, including Virginia, California, Texas, and Illinois.   

Super Tuesday is significant because over 1300 delegates will be awarded. California and Texas both choose their candidates on Tuesday, and these heavily populated states award over 600 delegates combined. Former Senate Majority leader Harry Reid joined the others and announced his support for Biden, saying that he had the best chance of appealing to a broad range of voters and defeating Trump. He also criticized the Trump administration’s policies as xenophobic and cruel. 

Current Democratic frontrunner Bernie Sanders was quoted as saying that these moves show the political establishment does not want him to become president of the United States. He believes that a broad range of interests on Wall Street, in oil companies, in politics, and even insurance companies do not want to risk losing wealth and power due to the changes he would make if elected. Biden himself even said in a Monday interview with CBS News that many people will simply not vote for Sanders because he describes himself as a socialist. He also said that he believes voters in most states would gravitate towards a more mainstream Democratic candidate. He highlighted the importance of being able to win voters in crucial battleground states, not just for the presidential election, but for the several highly contested seats in Congress that will be open in November as well. Biden and others have expressed concern that a Sanders nomination could hurt other Democrats who are running at the same time.

Despite Biden’s large number of endorsements from well known politicians and celebrities, this does not always translate into wins. He lost primaries in states like New Hampshire and Iowa even after being widely endorsed by local politicians in those states. As of Super Tuesday, only five total candidates are still campaigning for the Democratic nomination for president. 

The importance of recent presidential elections

As the United States has become more polarized politically, presidential candidates have consistently referred to each election over the last two decades as historic, significant, and the most important of our time. Many believe that the current presidential administration under Donald Trump is creating an even deeper divide in the country, and another four years of him as president would cause additional social problems, despite the fact that the economy remains strong. 

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