For many years now, critics have been pessimistically dismissing Bitcoin. One of the most common arguments against Bitcoin is the assertion that there’s a “Bitcoin bubble.” The general argument goes a little something like this: Bitcoin’s growth is fueled almost entirely by market manipulation, hype, and the general “novelty” of a new form of digital currency. On one hand, it’s understandable why skeptics took a conservative stance when assessing the value of Bitcoin. Its applications were poorly understood by the masses, and it has exhibited extreme volatility over the years. In the early days of 2017, the value of Bitcoin often ranged from almost zero to $20,000. So is there any truth behind these skeptical claims? What does Bitcoin investment research say about the alleged existence of a Bitcoin bubble?

These are very important questions to ask, especially if you’re approaching your first Bitcoin investment. Although internet research is certainly a solid first step, you might also want to consult with a financial expert who actually understands Bitcoin. When you get advice from someone with years of Bitcoin experience, you can begin to understand the real-world potential of this digital currency. After all, you can’t realistically take advice from someone who doesn’t even understand how Bitcoin works. Going one step further, these experts can also guide you towards your first investment and help you generate genuine profits.

Bitcoin is a Genuine Monetary Invention

The first thing you need to realize is that Bitcoin does have real value, despite what other people might be saying. Its invention represented a genuine step forward in monetary technology, and many experts believe that it will become a global currency used by the entire planet in the future.

Going one step further, we should also understand what makes Bitcoin valuable if we want to assess whether a bubble exists. This is somewhat complex, as Bitcoin has no value for all intents and purposes. A Bitcoin is just a unit of code. The buyers and the markets – the demand for Bitcoin – is what sets the price. The fact that there is a fixed quantity of 21 million Bitcoins helps drive this demand, increasing the value of each individual unit.

At the end of the day, we have to analyze the cycles in order to understand whether a bubble truly exists. According to Forbes, Bitcoin experienced two major periods of growth: one in 2013, and another in 2017. Critics say that these were random “euphoric” events, while enthusiasts argue the opposite. These enthusiasts back up their arguments by stating that Bitcoin continues to rebound, increasing in value “even when no one is talking about it.”

Get Help From Bitcoin Expert Charles Nenner

If you want to invest in Bitcoin efficiently, you should consider getting help from someone who truly understands the cycles and patterns of this digital currency. Charles Nenner has been engaged in detailed, precise Bitcoin investment research for years now. He has developed a system that is based around the cycles of Bitcoin, and you can take advantage of this system today. To learn more, visit Charles Nenner’s website.

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