Every state has different rules regarding how much settlement a person can claim, and every case has a different situation based on the details of what took place. Anyone who wants to make sure they are on track with the law when they file their injury case should connect with an attorney and first determine how much money they can claim and what the damage caps are in Idaho for their situation.

The amount of money a person can recover depends on the severity of the damages faced and the insurance coverage that they have available. Based on the value of a person’s case, a damage cap may also be placed, and this will affect how much money a person can receive. A damage cap sets a limit on the maximum amount of compensation a person has available to them based on the harm they suffered and the rules of the state.

The purpose of a damage cap is to limit the amount of money a plaintiff can receive, and it is put in place to prevent victims from taking an excessive amount of money from the individual who caused them harm. Most of the damage caps in Idaho are on punitive damages or claims against government bodies and there are no caps on financial damages.

Many states believe that caps are unconstitutional, but Idaho has placed caps on punitive damages and non-economic damages. This means that if a person is being penalized for their behavior, the money claimed from them is limited and it means that for noneconomic damages that are not easily quantifiable such as pain and suffering, the amount of money a person can claim is also limited.

Noneconomic damages are limited to $250,000. For punitive damages, a person can claim three times the amount of their economic damages or $250,000.

Trying to recover after facing sudden personal injuries can be difficult enough on its own. Add legalities and financial brawls into the mix and it becomes nearly impossible to focus on winning a fair settlement amount. If a person wants to get the most from their injury case, they should hire a lawyer to represent them.

What are personal injury punitive damages in Boise, Idaho

Punitive awards are granted to a person who is injured alongside their other economic and non-economic damages. The purpose of punitive damages is not to help a person recover from the financial harm they suffered, but it is to penalize the defendant who was malicious in their intent or they acted with gross negligence.

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