Operating a vehicle as large as a tractor-trailer requires a lot of skill and precision. If a driver gets even slightly distracted or violates even a minor traffic rule, they can end up causing hours of inconvenience for other drivers on the road, as is what happened before sunrise on March 3, 2020.

A young truck driver crashed his Fed Ex tractor-trailer in Weston at around 3:40 am. The truck accident resulted in a guardrail being torn apart and then further dragged a good 50 yards after it got attached to the rear axle of the truck. Authorities called in a welder to remove the guardrail from the back of the large vehicle.

The crash resulted in the closing of two lanes and subsequently caused eight miles of backed up traffic. After this initial collision, there were two more accidents in the backed-up traffic. The truck driver was a 32-year-old man and officers are claiming he will be cited and charged for violating traffic laws, particularly a marked lanes violation.

The accident took place around 3:40 am but the roads were cleared some three hours later at around 6:30 am.

What should be done after getting into a truck accident?


Anyone who gets into a serious accident involving a truck should not hesitate before calling a truck accident attorney. Cases involving such large vehicles are often very complicated from a legal perspective. There are many different factors that could have resulted in the collision of the truck. It is not necessarily always the truck drivers’ fault, and even in cases where the truck driver acted negligently, the trucking company he or she works for can generally be held liable as well.

The 32-year-old driver in the case mentioned above did violate a traffic rule and this caused the collision so he will be accountable for his actions. However, if an investigation is conducted and it is determined that the trucking company failed to screen him properly during their hiring process or that they allowed him to operate the vehicle despite not having the appropriate licenses, the company can be at fault as well.

Since truck accidents almost always block traffic and cause property damage, it is not only an attorney who should be contacted, but the authorities need to be contacted as soon as possible as well. In the case of the collision mentioned above, the trucker violated a traffic rule which resulted in traffic being backed up for 3 entire hours. The police and relevant personnel were contacted in time to come and help clear the roads and make them safe enough for operation again. If a person fails to call the authorities and leaves the scene of the accident they can be charged with a hit and run and be forced to pay the legal fines and penalties associated with such a charge.

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