The driver of a box truck was involved in a tragic single-vehicle accident in Indianapolis about two weeks ago. IndyStar reported that the incident occurred near 38thStreet and Layman Avenue around 2:30 a.m. Police believe that the driver was heading eastbound on 38thStreet when it went off the roadway. Whether it was a case of a fatigued driver or another cause that contributed to the accident, unfortunately, the driver didn’t survive. Police stated that they would be investigating the accident in an attempt to determine what caused the driver to go off the roadway.
A few days after this accident, another occurred involving a semi-truck in Shelby County. Sadly, the driver of this truck did not survive either. The Indiana State Police said that the accident happened on I-74 near SR 244 and mile marker 119 just before 5:00 p.m. [Source: Fox 59]. The truck was heading eastbound when a passenger vehicle that was in the left lane may have gotten a flat tire. The car attempted to move over to the right and into the path of the semi-truck. The trucker attempted to avoid the collision by making an “evasive move to the right” but ended up striking the rear of the car and running off the road. The semi overturned and went into some nearby trees.
Officials did not disclose the name of the truck driver as they hadn’t yet notified the next of kin of the driver’s death.

How can you prevent a rollover accident?

Although not all accidents can be prevented as we can’t control the actions of the drivers around us, we can start contributing to making the roadway safer by implementing tactics to help prevent rollover accidents. According to American Truck Business Services, the majority of rollover accident are caused by driver error so if you are the operator of a box truck or even a big rig, below are a few tips for you to consider that may reduce the chances of engaging in a rollover collision.

  1. Slow down. Always obey the speed limits that are posted and drive slowly when traveling around corners.
    Because many accidents are caused by driver error, motorists are encouraged to implement these safety tips and others to help reduce the chances of a collision occurring.
  2. Remain alert. If you find yourself falling asleep at the wheel, this might be an indicator that you aren’t getting enough rest. And in that case, when you choose to drive fatigued, you put yourself and others at risk as you could potentially fall asleep at the wheel, cause your vehicle to drift off the roadway, and potentially engage in a rollover accident.
  3. Leave your cellphone out of sight. Cell phones have become a major distraction to drivers causing nearly 391,000 individuals to suffer an injury in a distracted driving accident in 2015 alone [Source: Teen Safe].
  4. Inspect your truck before you begin your route. When you check your tires, brakes, and other parts of the truck before taking off, it can help prevent a rollover accident.
  5. Get familiar with your truck. It is important that you understand the design as well as the performance of the type of truck you will be driving.
  6. Always check your loads. Loads should be properly tied down to avoid them shifting, which has been known to cause large trucks to flip.

Although we understand that truck drivers have destinations they need to get to by a certain time, never should you put your life at risk just to meet your deadline.
Now, if you are a cautious truck driver but still found yourself injured in an accident in IN, be sure you contact a Marion, IN truck accident lawyer. They can help you hold any liable parties accountable and get you the compensation you need so that you can focus on recovering. And if you would like to be connected with some of the best truck crash attorneys in Marion, Indiana, is here to help you.

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