If you were one of the “lucky” ones to get away with a few handfuls of cash from the recent Brinks truck accident, the Indianapolis Police Department has put out a statement reminding you that by taking the money, and keeping it, you are actually stealing, which is a criminal offense that carries penalties. 
It was Wednesday when the door of a Brinks armored truck opened on Interstate 70 on the west side of Indianapolis leaving money bags vulnerable to the wind and the roadway. After the door accidentally opened, several bags containing thousands of dollars in cash fell out and began blowing all over the interstate. Naturally, drivers began pulling their vehicles over, attempting to grab as much cash as they possibly could.
Indiana State Police Sargent John Perrine said things became rather chaotic as drivers were stopping their vehicles in the middle of the roadway, which is extremely dangerous, just so they could grab some cash. The incident caused traffic to come to a halt on I-70 while officials worked to clean up the cash. Sandra Sowers, whose home is located right next to the interstate but is separated from the roadway by a fence, spoke with WTHR and told the source she thinks at least200 people attempted to jump the fence looking to get their hands on some of the money.
Sowers also said people were even putting small children over the fence in an attempt to get some cash. She said that after witnessing the chaos, she finally had to call 911 so that police could come out and regulate the situation.  Still, she said people continued to come nearby to her home hoping to get lucky, which caused her dog to bark constantly which kept her up all night.
The source highlighted that people continued to drive through Sowers’ neighborhood on Thursday, although nothing was left to find. Sowers told the source, “I think they got it all yesterday[Wednesday]. I would really love it that everyone just go away and quit being out here.”
Officials are warning those who may have picked up some of the cash that fell from the Brinks truck on I-70 that they are committing theft if they don’t turn it in.

Officials are saying if you picked up any money from the accident site, return it.

Ed Cunningham, who is the vice president of investor relations and corporate communications for Brinks, said in a statement that while many who first thought that Wednesday was “their lucky day,” have come to the realization that it is “ethically and morally right to give the money back.”  He also said that “the incident is being investigated by Brinks and the local authorities.” Perrine states that “the amount of money that was lost is a substantial amount to any person. “It’s a life-changing amount of money.”
Although Indiana State Police have not identified where the money came from or where it was going, they did say that anyone who grabbed some of the cash on the interstate is urged to call them at 317-899-8577 to arrange for the money to be recovered. They also said that anyone who voluntarily surrenders the money will not be arrested, however, investigators are following leads from witnesses to recover the stolen money so the window to turn it in is closing rather quickly.
When these types of truck accidents occur, many are left in shock and often act on impulse. However, in most incidents that involve large trucks like these, there is more left on the accident scene than just bags of money flying around. In fact, accidents involving large trucks like these usually leave vehicles demolished and those involved injured. Thankfully, this was a minor accident that did not involve any other vehicles or left anyone injured.
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