Trucks can weigh up to 80,000 lbs, and when a truck driver loses control of one of these massive vehicles, the resulting accident often leads to serious injuries and even the death of those involved. Since the harm caused by a collision involving such a large vehicle is generally always pretty traumatic, it only makes sense for anyone involved to seek proper compensation immediately after the collision. Anyone who is injured or who lost a loved one due to a truck accident should contact a truck accident attorney in Brookhaven, NY.

The best way to ensure a person gets the most compensation possible is to speak with a qualified lawyer and begin the investigation as early on as possible. No matter how light or severe a person’s injuries are, they must collect the appropriate evidence in order to prove they deserve compensation.

If enough evidence is collected, a person can get compensated for the following:

  • Any pain and suffering they experienced
  • Their medical bills
  • Their lost wages
  • Any future earning potential if there were serious injuries involved
  • Property damage or damage to their vehicle

Unfortunately, many things can go wrong and prolong the period between a person first sustaining their injury to finally getting their compensation. To minimize any potential issues, the injured person should act quickly and make sure they have a legal representative by their side from the very beginning. Drivers who call their insurance company before seeking professional advice often end up with much less compensation then they are entitled to. If an injured driver already made the mistake of contacting their insurer, they still have hope of getting a better offer by asking an attorney to give a counteroffer. As long as the insured individual did not sign any papers with the insurer, they still have a chance of getting a better deal.

What is the average truck accident settlement amount in New York?


The amount of financial compensation a person is legally entitled to receive after suffering in a truck accident depends directly on how badly they were injured and how much they lost due to the collision. Naturally, the more serious the injuries, the more compensation they are entitled to. Also, a person may be eligible for more compensation if it is discovered the truck driver hit them on purpose or if the truck driver was completely at fault for the accident.

Before the compensation can be given out, a person will have to work with their attorney to determine who was at fault. The truck driver, trucking company, truck maintenance company, and cargo loading company can all be held liable for the collision. In some cases, third parties such as the road maintenance company can be held liable if the roads were very out of shape and this lack of maintenance resulted in the truck driver losing control. At any rate, it is best to get in touch with a legal professional right after the accident to launch the investigation, determine the correct party who was at fault and get the financial compensation a person deserves.

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