I have 20 years of experience dealing with our courts and law enforcement.  I am a Florida Bar Board Certified Criminal Trial attorney, a former prosecutor and a 3-term member of the Florida Criminal Procedure Rules Committee.


I will be the bridge between law enforcement and the community. At a time when we need it the most, there are solutions we can work towards to keep people safe, ensure law enforcement has the resources they need, and that we are building bridges to unite our community.


We can do that with de-escalation training and the utilization of Citizen Review Boards, where appropriate. Community policing should be prioritized and the community should be engaged in the decision-making process. I support many of the proposals that President Barack Obama outlined during his presidency in order to prevent police violence. These are smart policies that have been adopted nationwide to keep everyone safe.


My views on these issues have always been the same and you can count on me to always stand up for what’s right and to fight for justice and fairness. I don’t change my positions or my beliefs to score political points.


I am asking for your support so I can continue to serve our community. Please vote Michael Weinstein for State House District 81.


Yours in service,


Michael Weinstein
Democrat for Florida State House, District 81

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