Every year, the number of bus accidents and the fatalities they cause continue to rise. Most bus accidents are preventable. It is essential to understand why bus accidents occur and how they can be avoided. This is why the legal aid of bus accident lawyers is of utmost significance.

The National Traffic Safety Administration has analyzed bus accidents and states that the leading cause of bus crashes is distracted or negligent driving. Bus drivers often ignore regulatory laws. These include the number of service hours, specified breaks, turning and passing protocol, and driving speed. Driving under the influence, distractions by phones, and driver fatigue contribute heavily to most accidents. Driving errors such as failure to check blind spots and very wide turns also contribute significantly to bus wrecks. 

Bus company negligence is another frequent cause of bus accidents. While the industry is regulated, it is not as strict with inspections of equipment defects. Most buses are old and lack seat belts and safety checks. Low maintenance increases the risk of accidents by nearly 2.5 times.

Buses are heavy vehicles. A driver must be well-trained to maneuver a bus in hazardous conditions, particularly during rain and snow. Distributing the weight strategically offers the vehicle better stability and reduces the severity of the accident. Construction sites are another major threat to bus safety. It is essential to demarcate construction areas and prevent buses from entering danger zones.

In urban areas, bus accidents involve mainly school buses. Residential streets have narrower roads as compared to highways. Navigating a large and bulky vehicle requires skill and experience. Over-speeding and poor steering are the most common causes of school bus accidents. Any bus accident results in devastating losses. Property damage, lost wages and personal injuries are a few of them. Such events necessitate the aid of accident lawyers. They help victims seek medical attention, negotiate with insurers, collect witness reports, and represent the victim in legal matters. 

School bus accidents are disastrous for parents. The fight against school authorities is exhausting and leaves the parent anxious and perturbed. School bus accident attorneys take charge of the legalities and ensure that the victims are duly compensated. 

When driving errors and negligence are the causes of bus accidents, bus companies and their insurers dispatch their legal team and try to reduce or deny compensation payment. Bear bus accident lawyers conduct independent investigations and work with accident reconstructionists for the reasonable reimbursement of victims. 

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