A bus accident occurred in Ponchatoula, LA, about an hour away from New Orleans that left state officials considering widening the road where the incident occurred.
The bus accident occurred back in April on Highway 22 at Wagner Road. WDSU reported that the bus driver drove the school bus into a deep ditch just to avoid colliding with a turning vehicle that was pushed into oncoming traffic. While the students and the bus driver managed to avoid sustaining any serious injuries, the area in which the accident occurred may be a hazardous one for drivers. That is why a $2.6 million project has been proposed that will widen Highway 22.
The source stated that the project was scheduled to begin in May 2018 and would include widening and repaving at least 23 miles of Highway 22 from Yellow Water River Bridge all the way to Interstate 55. Left and right turn lanes would also be added at Highway 22 and Wagner Road, Drude Road, and Kraft Road. According to state officials, once this project is complete, it is expected to help “operator efficiency and safety at the intersections.”

16-Year-Old Jumps from Moving School Bus, Suffers Severe Injuries

In other news, a 16-year-old was left in critical condition back in April after he decided to jump out of the moving school bus he was traveling in. Nola.com reported that the 10thgrader who was a student at KIPP Renaissance High School was riding the bus around 3:50 p.m. when he told some of the other students on board the bus that he wanted to get off.
And as the bus was heading down the 3500 block of Burgundy Street, the student walked toward the back of the bus, opened up the emergency exit door, and jumped out. New Orleans police officers arrived at the accident scene shortly after where they found the teen lying on the ground with “significant injuries.”
Neighbors said that while they didn’t see the accident occur, they did come outside after hearing commotion only to find the teen lying in the road. One man said he heard hysterical screaming and saw the 16-year-old in the road, badly injured. Others said it appeared he sustained a serious head injury also. While police conducted their investigation at the accident scene, a man wearing a KIPP t-shirt was seen standing there watching.
The 16-year-old who jumped from a moving school bus passed away a few weeks later due to the severity of his injuries.
A few weeks after the incident occurred,NOLA.com reported that the teen, who was later identified as Tyronne Bradley, had passed away from complications of blunt trauma to the head. The New Orleans Coroner’s Officer did classify the boy’s death as “accidental.” After Bradley’s death was announced, Towana Pierre-Floyd, who is the principal of KIPP Renaissance High School issued a statement saying, “Tyronne was a beloved member of the KIPP Team and Family for many years and is remembered with great admiration by his classmates and teachers. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tyronne’s family following the loss of such a wonderful young man.”
Neither the New Orleans Police Department nor KIPP staff provided a comment to the public as to what events occurred just before Bradley opened the door and jumped.
The truth is, accidents are happening all around us, many of which involve buses. Whether it is a school bus or a city bus, these accidents can often lead to victims suffering from serious and even life-threatening injuries. And in the event you or your child were injured in a bus crash in Louisiana, consider meeting with a bus accident attorney in New Orleans, LA who can assess your incident and determine what forms of action need to be taken so that you are properly compensated for your injury or loss.
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