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Business lawyers assist in New York contract disputes between companies and individuals.

New York – November 24, 2020

Business contract disputes.

When contracts are drawn up between business entities, or individuals, legal disputes may occur necessitating the services of a business law attorney.  A contract is an oral, written, or digitized agreement between two or more parties outlining terms for parties to make a legal “exchange of something” – a consideration.

New York Courts allow freedom to form and negotiate most contracts without government intervention, but it is a wise practice to utilize the services of the Towne Law Firm in Albany to review disputed contracts, and address litigation arising out of an alleged contract breach. The intent of parties to a contract must be spelled out to avoid confusion about what is expected of the parties in order to satisfy the contract. Experienced business lawyers can work with disputing parties, or their legal representation to clear up arguments over legal contracts that can be oral, or written instruments. Written contracts protect and outline legal action in the event there is a breach of duty caused by extenuating circumstances.

Deviations from elements of a valid contract.

When a contract is prepared, it needs to contain certain elements that make it valid.  When companies, or individuals enter into agreements using invalid contracts, lawsuits may need to be filed to correct the deviations in the contracts, and to recover any losses related to the invalid terms of the contract.  A business litigation attorney at the Towne Law Firm in Albany can be instrumental in correcting deficiencies regarding:

  • A stipulated start and end time, including the length of contract, and signatures proving agreement of consideration and process of delivery.
  • Naming jurisdiction as to wherea dispute will be resolved; indicates which state’s law will be used to decide the dispute.
  • Parties to a contract must be named and linked with their associated business entity if there is one.
  • Purpose of the contract includes consideration, or the amount, or benefit the parties will exchange for their unique demands.
  • Delivery of goods or services named in the contract along with a timeline.
  • Compensation is the payment for completing the delivery of a good or service.
  • Terms and conditions include a scope of work, and outline party expectations.
  • Consequences of breach result in the liability assigned to each contracted party if they breach, or fail to deliver upon the agreed terms.

Contract dispute representation.

New York businesses should keep in mind that “implied in fact contracts” can be enforced as well as written instruments.  Business lawyers at the Towne Law Firm are valuable in representing legal profit and not-for-profit entities involved in disputes over matters related directly to the activities of a business structure, such as tax disputes, workers’ compensation claims, and any breaches of workers’ compensation laws and best practices in accordance with federal and state guidelines, as well as human resources disputes and illegal hiring, or firing practices that violate federal laws.


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