Businesses in Tennessee are regulated in a few important ways

Nashville, TN – Running a business is mainly a profit generating venture, but various rules and regulations complicate these matters. A business needs to be aware of how relationships with employees, other businesses, and the public at large are regulated by the government. Ignorance of legal regulations can cause lawsuits, poor relationships with employees and customers, and other problems. For these reasons, it is important for a business to get various types of legal advice from a local attorney as necessary. 

Employee relationships

The ways that companies can pay and manage their workers is subject to a number of different rules. Employees are protected from wage theft, sexual harassment, and employment contracts that list specific terms between a worker and their employer, which are enforced by law. Employers who are not mindful of these terms or those who make mistakes may find themselves in court after a worker has filed a lawsuit. Civil cases can result in large amounts of compensation being paid out if the worker is successful.  

What is considered a legal business 

A state government will only formally recognize a business for the purposes of taxes and other reasons if the business is registered and incorporated properly. The government allows for various types of corporations to be formed, and the individual owners can limit their liability through incorporation as well. It is important for the owners to meet with an attorney to decide what type of proprietorship or corporation will best suit their needs. 

Intellectual property

The government helps businesses protect their creative works and processes through various means such as copyright, patents, trademarks, and intellectual property laws. If the company goes through the appropriate channels to protect their ideas and creations, these items will also receive the corresponding protected legal status from the government. This means that companies or individuals who attempt to copy or steal these works can be sued, and the original creator will retain all ownership rights and profits. 


The primary way that businesses form relationships with customers, workers, and other businesses is through formal agreements known as contracts. These are important to give explicit details about the terms of any deal. However, contracts must also comply with the law and public policy. The courts will only enforce a contract that meets certain requirements and contains all of the necessary elements of contract formation. 

Business attorneys in Nashville

The Law Office of George R. Fusner is a business law firm that works with people in the Nashville, Tennessee area. Their attorneys near me can provide advice about various matters related to running a business successfully and litigation issues.

Firm contact info:

The Law Office of George R. Fusner

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