Albany, NY – Whether a business is in the process of initially forming and filing documents to create a corporation, or they have been operating for years and experiencing issues with various other matters, legal help is necessary throughout all of these times. Business law is a broad term for work that lawyers do which covers all of these aspects of creating and operating the company. Services in the area of business law can be as simple as drafting a basic contract or negotiating complex deals that involve multiple different parties.  

Common types of business litigation

Businesses may find themselves in a courtroom for a number of different reasons. This can include contract disputes, lawsuits from former or current employees, insurance issues, or liability for an accident. 

Companies that produce various types of products need to constantly perform safety testing and put adequate warnings on the items that they distribute. This is done to try to avoid liability from injured customers who may decide to sue. Products liability is an area of the law dedicated to these issues, and many states have enacted laws that attempt to make companies strictly liable for damage caused by the products they produce.  A verdict against a company because of a defective product can result in large financial losses if they are named in the lawsuit.

Commercial real estate transactions and leases are also important for companies that need physical spaces to operate. The business may buy a commercial property, or they may have to seek legal assistance for various other matters related to their space and its intended use. The property needs to be safe for customers, employees, and guests, as injuries on the land or in buildings can result in lawsuits. Local governments may even try to take action against the company for restrictions on land use.

Compliance is a large area of the law for most businesses. Any organization, business, or entity needs to make sure that their operations are compliant with various federal, state, or local regulations. This can include having employees with certain qualifications, carrying an insurance policy that is relevant to potential losses and damage caused in the line of business, and documenting various issues through records that are available for inspection. Businesses need to constantly review these compliance issues to avoid lawsuits, financial losses, and time spent in court and paying additional legal fees.

Finding out if legal representation is necessary for a business

There are licensed lawyers in the Albany area who are available to assist businesses with all of their legal needs. The Towne Law Firm helps local clients with professional advice and guidance related to their case. 

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