A woman who was said to have fallen asleep underneath a parked semi-truck in Pacific Beach was hit and killed after being run over by the vehicle back at the end of July. The woman, whose identity was released several days later, was 52-year-old Terry Marlowe McAllister [Source: Fox 5 San Diego]. Police stated that the truck had been parked in an alley nearby to Trader Joe’s and around 1:20 p.m., the driver moved the vehicle forward to make a delivery at a nearby store.
That is when McAllister was accidentally run over by the rear tires of the semi.
Fox 5 San Diego reported that the woman “was discovered at the loading docks near the Garnet Avenue grocery store” and was not breathing. San Diego Police Department Lt. Christian Sharp said that her injuries suggested she had been run over. Although medics were called to the scene and attempted to save the woman’s life, she unfortunately died as a result of the accident. Although police were investigating the incident and stated that they would be reviewing store surveillance video footage for more evidence, they believed that it was a mere accident and that no crime was committed.

Loose Dog Causes Multi-Vehicle Accident on Route 94 Near San Diego

A few weeks after this accident occurred, CBS 8 reported on yet another strange accident that transpired near downtown San Diego. According to the source, a Ford F-150, which was owned by the San Diego Humane Society, had been parked in the median of the freeway as the driver and passenger inside were in the process of capturing a loose dog that had run into the roadway. However, before they were able to catch the dog, multiple vehicles had stopped in an effort not to hit it. Unfortunately, a Toyota Camry that had thee individuals inside braked and came to a stop.
A Dodge truck that had been traveling in the same lane as the Camry ended up “swerving into the median to avoid the Camry and was struck in the right rear corner by a GMC Yukon towing a trailer.” The impact pushed the Dodge into the Camry which then hit the Humane Society pickup truck. While police weren’t able to confirm exactly how many cars had been involved in the wreck, they did determine that the occupants in the Camry had suffered injuries. One of the passengers inside the car suffered a severe head injury and was transported to Scripps Mercy Hospital. Sadly, she later passed away from her injuries.
Two other occupants inside the Camry along with one from the GMC also had to be taken to an area hospital for treatment.
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