A Sacramento woman went out for a jog during her lunch hour, and sadly, never returned from it. According to The Sacramento Bee, it was around 11:44 a.m. when 47-year-old Ericka Jennifer Hann of Orangevale went out for an afternoon run and was hit by a pickup truck driver. The truck had been heading southbound on Grasslands Drive when it turned onto West El Camino Avenue and struck her. The trucker then rode off without stopping to see if Hann was injured or even alive.
Sadly, Hann was killed as a result of the impact.
Although the truck driver did flee the scene of the accident, The Sacramento Bee later reported that trucker turned himself in to Sacramento police two days later. He was arrested and booked into Sacramento County Jail on suspicion of manslaughter and hit-and-run driving. Police have identified the man behind the wheel of the pickup truck as 22-year-old Tyler Rumberger.

What factors may have contributed to this accident occurring?

The source highlighted that an adjacent crosswalk located just a few feet away at West El Camino Avenue and Grasslands Drive was one of the 23 crosswalks that had been erased in the last four years. Apparently, city staff members decided that these crosswalks, which didn’t have proper safety signals such as a traffic light, gave pedestrians the false sense of security which is why they decided to erase it. When a pedestrian sees a crosswalk, they generally think that it is obvious to the drivers around them and feel is it more secure to walk at these places as opposed to a roadway without the crosswalk labeled. Traffic engineer Ryan Moore said that by “removing the markings protects walkers in some cases because it prompts them to cross elsewhere or puts them on higher alert when crossing at that spot.
Although the truck driver fled the scene of the accident, he eventually turned himself in and will now face the consequences for breaking the law.
The source did report that it does not appear this truck accident was related to the erased crosswalk. However, a nearby neighbor told the news source that the crosswalk had been erased just a few months back and the community members came together to sign a petition to bring it back. Apparently, the city of Sacramento has been witnessing several hit and run accidents, some occurring at these unlabeled crosswalks. The resident said that the area where Hann was struck is rather busy and many tend to cross the street there. Unfortunately, the petition he and his fellow neighbors had signed was disregarded.
Although officials haven’t confirmed who was at-fault for causing this unfortunate accident, it is clear there is a need for drivers as well as pedestrians to exert more caution while out driving and walking.
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