Police have finally made an arrest after receiving multiple complaints regarding a passenger riding on OCTA buses who was exposing himself to women on board the bus. According to Patch.com, Carlos Alberto Tirado, 48, has been taken into police custody and is being held in lieu of $35,000 bail after he was accused of three misdemeanor counts of indecent exposure and a single misdemeanor count of child annoyance. He was arrested on June 29thafter officials were able to connect him to the reports made by three separate women, although they believe there may be more victims.
Tirado allegedly flashed these women along with a teenager while riding Orange County Transit Authority buses. Back on June 19th, Orange County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a call involving a suspect who was said to have been exposing himself and touching himself while sitting nearby to a 16-year-old girl.  When the sheriff’s investigator reviewed the bus surveillance video footage to determine who the suspect was, they determined it was Tirado as he was arrested back in February for a similar incident. Apparently, Tirado had exposed himself to a 22-year-old woman on board an OCTA bus near State College Boulevard and La Palma Avenue.
These weren’t the only times Tirado has been caught exposing himself to individuals riding on the bus.
One of the first incidents occurred back in December 2017. Tirado was accused of exposing himself and touching himself while making eye contact with a 22-year-old woman who had been traveling on the bus. Then again on March 17th, 2018, he was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure. He made bail and was released from jail while awaiting his court date. Although Tirado managed to escape being penalized for those cases, he is now looking at some rather serious charges after police were able to connect him to the several complaints filed about a man exposing himself to passengers on the bus.
While police work hard to keep perpetrators such as Tirado off these buses so that they are safer for passengers to ride, lawmakers are also working toward making traveling on a bus safer too. As of July 1st, a new law took effect in the state of California that requires all passengers on a bus that is equipped with seat belts to be properly restrained. SB 20 also requires a motor carrier operating a bus equipped with safety belts to either:

  1. “Require the bus driver to inform passengers of the requirement to wear a seatbelt,” or
  2. “Post, or allow to be posted, signs or placards informing passengers of the requirement to wear a seatbelt.”

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If a passenger is found to be in violation of the new law, they risk being fined up to $20 for a first offense and up to $50 for each subsequent offense.
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