Camden Arkansas Police Officer Gets Fired For Misconduct

Chief Boyd Woody of Camden police department told NBC 10 that now former Officer Jake Perry is no longer employed with the department as of February 13th, 2020. This was after a video surfaced of Perry choking a high school student. Chief Woody claimed that the department was reviewing policies, training, and assignments.

Police Misconduct Video Goes Viral on Facebook

Jake Perry was stationed at Camden Fairview High School as a student resource officer. The video was uploaded on Facebook on February 11th, 2020 and shortly thereafter went viral. The incident occurred in the common area of the school shortly after 8 am.

The footage shows Perry standing behind the student, Dekyrion Ellis, with his arms around his throat in an apparent choke hold. The incident seemed to have stemmed from an argument between Ellis and another student.

Student Feared for His Life

Later, Ellis stated that he feared for his life and had no idea what was happening. He blacked out because of the pressure and did not see anything until he was back in the office.

The argument between the students involved a lot of pushing around when the other student fell to the ground. Other kids tried to push the two apart when Perry stepped in to take control of the situation. He grabbed Ellis from behind and pushed him against the glass before choking him.

Hospital Reports Show Multiple Injuries

The family took Ellis to a local hospital where doctors had to take x-rays of his neck to make sure that everything was alright. Ellis received multiple scratches on the arm but looked OK physically. However, he complained of pain and shame from the experience.

Mark Ellis, Ellis’ grandfather claims that the actions were highly irregular and inappropriate.

Police Brutality and Misconduct Goes Beyond Physical Violence

Law enforcement officials and police officers have a duty and responsibility to enforce the law and protect the society at all costs. General public relies on police officers to protect them and trusts them to act in an appropriate fashion. While most officers always uphold that trust, in some cases, there may be an officer that takes a bad call or uses excessive force. It becomes important to bring these instances to light with the help of a police brutality personal injury lawyer.

However, brutality is not limited to just physical violence. Police misconduct can be much more than that. It may involve racial profiling, degrading or unnecessary strip searches, coercion, blackmail, and inappropriate uses of police force. Police brutality personal injury attorneys are central to seeking justice.

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