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Can a business lawyer address Orlando businesses human resources concerns?

Florida – July 29, 2022

Florida business owners should contact a business lawyer to assist with the growth of their human resources department.  As a small business they may start out with few staff members and as growth continues, several types of standard operating policies and procedure manuals may need to be developed that reflect Florida employment laws, and Federal regulations regarding legal employment practices.

 A new company human resource department will need:

  • Job descriptions. Including the duties, responsibilities, necessary qualification and pay grade.
  • An organizational chart. The chart assists workforce planning, structure, and salary grading as well as acknowledging gaps that will be filled as company growth moves forward.
  • Business system staffing plan. Allows growing business to break down key functions necessary for optimal company performance and identifies personnel to fill those positions.  Staffing plans may include recruiting, sales, operations, development, and marketing.
  • Salary and benefit packaging. Salary structures sets compensation for a business helping to keep labor costs within budget.
  • Job performance. Standards will need to be coordinated with each position to develop an employee evaluation process enabling a new company to grow.
  • Employee manual and policies. After a human resource department has been set, the creating of written employee manual references and company policies in alignment with State and Federal guidelines need to be developed. A skilled business lawyer can assist with the completion of these documents and overall review of all business activities to ensure legal compliance and continued grown for Florida businesses.

An experienced business law attorney can assist individuals as they expand a business keeping them abreast of any fluid legal issues in their industry and creating in-house policies that will guide day-to-day business activities.

Policy reflective of both state and federal employment law.

Federal laws related to pay, discrimination and safety should be revealed in employee policies.  Documents that a business lawyer may draft might include:

  • Leave policies.
  • Travel and expense.
  • Hours and attendance.
  • Training and development.
  • Suspension and termination.
  • Job description templates.
  • Mission statement with goals.
  • New employee orientation materials.

Hire a business law attorney.

Business owners should seek the assistance of an experienced business attorney when increasing staff, expanding their human resources, and setting up standardized polices to run a business more smoothly.  Attorneys at Legal Counsel, P.A. will answer pointed legal questions and review necessary documents to determine if a business is following Florida  and Federal laws and regulations.


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