We all know that divorces can be difficult and taxing on any child who may be involved in the picture. The split of a family can be devastating to a child as they no longer have both parents under one roof, but separate households they must travel to in order to spend time with each parent. Of course, not all divorces end like this and one parent may actually be awarded sole custody without the other parent having any rights, but the fact is, these situations bring a significant amount of stress to you and your kids.
How a divorce is handled can greatly impact whether your child is negatively affected by it or not.
While the divorce itself can be hard on children, medicalexpress.com highlighted a new study conducted by the universities of Santiago de Compostela and Vigo have revealed that “It is not the break-up itself that has negative effects on the children’s health, but improper handling of th
e situation by the parents.” Many relationships end in divorce because of:
• Infidelity
• Physical or verbal abuse
• Constant disagreements
• Financial issues
And the list goes on. With these few reasons listed above, there is a good chance that the divorce becomes un-contested, which means both parties aren’t in agreement on the terms, and that can make for an extremely stressful environment.
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The experts who conducted the study used families who were together and divorced and consisted of 467 boys, girls, and teenagers. The kids involved were between the ages of two and 18. What scientists found was that “the children of separated parents are approximately twice as likely to develop gastrointestinal, genitourinary, dermatological or neurological issues than children living in nuclear families.”

How Else Can a Divorce Effect Children?

The authors also expressed that physical, psycho-emotional and behavioral issues resulted from parents who weren’t able to “manage” their breakup properly. Divorces are rough, especially if you spent a great deal of time with this person, but these studies are identifying that it is the manner of how the divorce is handled that has the negative effect on the children. The exposure to arguing, disagreeing, and fighting all contribute to the increased chance that your child could suffer from a health disorder according to these studies.
Some couples find it difficult to agree on any terms during the time of their divorce which means there is conflict going on and a lack of co-parenting which impacts your child’s ability to adjust to their new lifestyle. One USC researcher pointed out that if children are exposed to these unhealthy situations where families are fighting for an extended period of time, the child becomes exposed to toxic stress.
It is the responsibility of a parent to provide support, protection, and a healthy living environment for their children. Unfortunately, because of how some divorces arise, parents tend to focus more on the issue of separating and fail to provide their child or children with the same support and protection they need.
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