Can a landlord in Orlando, Florida change the terms of a lease once it has been signed?

A lease is a binding agreement that is made between a landlord and tenant and generally contains the rules and responsibilities for both parties. For instance, a lease should outline what a tenant’s financial responsibilities are as well as what the consequences are when those responsibilities are not met. Additionally, a lease should stipulate how long the tenant agrees to occupy and pay for the unit.

Generally, once a lease is drafted and signed by both parties, there isn’t much that can be changed.


What should a tenant do if their landlord informs them a change needs to be made?


If the landlord forgot to include an occupant on the lease or made a grammatical error that needs changing, this shouldn’t be an issue to correct. However, if the landlord is trying to add an expense or raise the rent because they failed to do this when they drafted the lease, then the tenant has a right to question this. At the time the lease was signed, both parties were liable for checking it over to ensure it makes sense and contains accurate information.

If the landlord forgot to include the cost of water and the tenant was under the impression that water wasn’t included in their monthly bill, then this might be something the tenant wants to bring to the attention of an Orlando, FL real estate lawyer. The same would apply if a landlord attempts to raise the rent on a 12-month lease after the tenant only lived in the unit for a month or so.

In the event a tenant is faced with this dilemma, here are a few suggestions on how they can handle it:

  1. Inform the landlord that they were not aware of the additional cost, given the landlord is trying to add an expense into the lease, and refuse to have their lease modified.
  2. If it is the property manager who is trying to modify the lease, the tenant can contact the landlord directly. If they are living in an apartment complex, they would likely need to contact the complex’s corporate office.
  3. Contact an Orlando, FL real estate attorney for help. The lawyers at Legal Counsel P.A. can help a tenant understand what their rights are and how they should address the issue.


If a tenant is unable to get the issue resolved on their own and needs legal advice, they can turn to the real estate lawyers at Legal Counsel P.A. for it. Legal Counsel P.A. provides an array of legal services to those living in the Orlando area and would be happy to help a tenant understand what they can do if their landlord/property manager is trying to violate their rights.


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