Can a motorcyclist be sued for causing an accident in Pompano Beach?

Pompano Beach, FL Motorcycle riding in the state of Florida can be dangerous. Motorcyclists are more vulnerable to injuries and death from a collision, due to a lack of protection from the vehicle and other safety features that are included with cars. It is also possible that the cyclist can engage in some kind of reckless behavior, which increases their risk and may cause other vehicles to be involved in a crash. Motorcyclists who have caused an accident can be named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit and forced to pay for injuries. 

Some law firms focus their efforts on helping people who were riding a motorcycle or part of an accident that involved a motorcycle. Their attorneys can provide specific help after an incident. 

Determining whether the cyclist was negligent

A crucial inquiry in any accident case is determining which driver or drivers were negligent and actually caused the collision. The plaintiff will have to show that the others breached their duty of care on the roads through the evidence. This process is similar whether the driver at fault was on a motorcycle, truck, or any other type of vehicle. It is common for the plaintiff to show evidence of illegal behaviors such as speeding, running red lights and stop signs, illegal lane changes, or driving under the influence to prove that a defendant driver was negligent. 

What happens if the motorcyclist is at fault

The motorist who is determined to be at fault will have to pay out compensation to the victim through a settlement or after a jury verdict. Jury trials are very rare in motor vehicle collision cases, so it is most likely that there will be a settlement. The person’s liability insurance policy may cover most or all of the damages depending on their specific coverage, but if the coverage is unavailable or exhausted, they will be personally liable for any compensation paid to the victim. 

Damages paid out to a victim can be quite large if they are seriously hurt. This includes the costs of the person’s medical treatment, lost income and wages, and other financial losses that are tied to the collision and their injuries. If the victim is permanently disabled or has other life changing problems, the motorcyclist can possibly owe hundreds of thousands of dollars, or millions in damages. 

Speaking with a motorcycle accident attorney in Florida

The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rosenberg is a firm that works with all kinds of local accident and injury cases. Their attorneys work in the Pompano Beach area and nearby parts of Florida. 

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The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rosenberg

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