The health care workers who are hired to work in nursing homes have many responsibilities. Not only are they expected to assist residents with day-to-day tasks such as bathing, dressing, eating, and even shifting their position when they are bedridden, but they are also required to supervise them. When a nursing home worker fails to monitor the residents they are supposed to be tending to or neglects to provide them with the help they need so they can safely get around, the facility can potentially be held accountable for a slip and fall accident.


Facts About Falls


Falls serve as a major concern for elderly individuals as they are known to cause serious injuries such as fractures and head injuries.1 Unfortunately, falls are common among the aging population. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “more than one out of four older people fall each year.” This means millions of older people aged 65 and older are falling on an annual basis.


Holding a Nursing Home Accountable for a Slip and Fall Accident


If a nursing home worker failed to supervise a resident or allowed them to move around without assistance knowing they are more susceptible to falling than others, the facility can be sued for the injuries they suffered. Nursing home residents have the right to live in a facility that is free from both abuse and neglect. If neglect was responsible for causing a nursing home resident to fall, the individual or a loved one of theirs is encouraged to consult with a Wyoming personal injury lawyer.


Frederick J. Harrison, P.C. Can Help a Family with Their Slip and Fall Case


After a slip and fall accident, the victim and/or their loved ones probably have many questions they can’t find the answers to such as:

  • Who should pay for the medical treatment the nursing home resident had to have rendered?
  • Can the worker who neglected them be sued?
  • Is the nursing home resident entitled to additional compensation for things like pain and suffering?
  • How does a family member start the lawsuit process?


If a family member is looking for the answers to these questions or they have others they would like answered, they can contact Frederick J. Harrison, P.C. Wyoming personal injury attorney Fred Harrison would be happy to assess the case to determine if they have a valid claim and assist them getting their lawsuit filed. At Frederick J. Harrison, P.C., the attorneys care about their clients and aren’t afraid to fight for a fair outcome.

To schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Wyoming now, call (307) 316-1760.


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