Can a ride sharing driver be responsible for a drunk driving accident in Limestone Creek?

Limestone Creek, FL – Although ride sharing services are supposed to be a safe way for people to get around without using their own vehicle, there are numerous problems that have emerged in recent years. A serious concern for passenger safety is related to the use of drugs or alcohol before or during the time that a ride sharing driver is working. This can result in the driver being prosecuted under Florida’s DUI law, and the individual driver or ride sharing company can also face a negligence action in civil court for putting the passenger in danger if there is an accident. Lawyers who focus their practice on motor vehicle accident issues can also provide advice related to crashes caused by an intoxicated ride sharing provider. 

Ride sharing drivers and intoxication

There have been reports of drivers for ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft operating their vehicles while intoxicated. While not all of these claims may have merit and the drivers do not always cause accidents, it is still a serious potential concern, especially when many passengers use these services as a safe way to get home if they are themselves impaired. There is also no real system in place to monitor the behavior of drivers and ensure that they are sober while they are working. If an accident does happen due to an intoxicated driver, this can potentially change the passenger’s life if they are seriously injured or require long term medical care and cannot work. 

Is the individual driver or ride sharing service liable for an accident?

This can be a difficult question regarding the agency of the driver. Generally speaking, ride sharing companies will say that their drivers are independent contractors, and the service is not liable for the actions of any individual driver. However, this status has also been disputed, especially when many drivers treat the ride sharing service as a full time job and their sole means of employment. It is best for an accident victim to get legal advice related to who should be named as a defendant in the drunk driving accident lawsuit, who is likely to have insurance, and the best way to proceed. 

Injury lawyers are available in Florida

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