If an employee in Arkansas believes they are not being paid federal minimum wage or for the overtime they work, they hold the right to file a complaint against their employer. An employee who feels as though they are being paid unfairly may wish to discuss whether they have the right to file a complaint with an Arkansas employment law attorney. Typically, if an employer is paying an employee federal minimum wage and for the overtime they work, an employee may not have a valid claim against their employer if they are merely unhappy with what they are being paid.

However, if an employer is refusing to pay an employee a higher hourly wage or salary because of their age, gender, religion, political beliefs, etc., and the employee can prove this, they may have a case an employment law lawyer in Arkansas can assist them with.


What is the minimum wage in Arkansas?


Employers in Arkansas are required to provide their employees with the federal minimum wage which is currently set at $10.00 per hour, according to the Arkansas Department of Labor & Licensing. Although the State minimum wage is set at $10.00, it is set to increase to $11.00 effective January 1, 2021. However, it is important to note that Arkansas’ minimum wage requirements only apply to employers with four or more employees.


What is the minimum wage per hour for employees who receive tips?


Employees whose earnings primarily consist of tips (e.g. restaurant waiter’s, bartenders, etc.) are required by law to be paid at least $2.63 per hour.


Understanding How Overtime is Paid in Arkansas


Overtime is typically paid to employees who work beyond forty hours in a workweek. It is important to note that some employees are exempt from overtime. If an employee is uncertain as to whether their occupation permits them to receive overtime pay or exempts them, they should discuss this with their employer. In the event an employee believes their employer is not paying them for the overtime they worked, and they are not exempt from receiving it, they should contact USAttorneys.com to get connected with an Arkansas employment law attorney in their area.


Filing a Complaint Against an Employer


When an employee feels as though their employer is not paying them what they are legally permitted to receive for the time they worked, they can file a complaint with Arkansas’ Wage and Hour Division. Although filing a complaint is one way to recognize an employer in Little Rock, Fayetteville, or any other city within the state for their wrongdoing, there are other ways to hold them accountable for their unethical behavior and recover compensation for the trouble they put the employee through. To find out what legal options an employee has who is not being properly paid by their employer, contact USAttorneys.com.

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