Can an individual sue if the services provided were different from those agreed upon in a contract?

Nashville, TN- An individual may be able to sue another party if the services they provided them with were different from those that were agreed upon. If the two parties signed a contract or entered into a verbal agreement, both are expected to follow through on the terms they both agreed to. If one or more terms of a contract are not fulfilled, a breach of contract lawsuit may be filed.


Examples of Breach of Contract


  1. The party hired to perform services only completed part of the job.

If an individual was hired to do a job and failed to complete it even though they were paid, the other party could sue them for breach of contract. For example, if a person was hired to create a website or a contractor was paid to perform work on a home and either party failed to do the entire job, the paying party could sue for damages (i.e. financial relief).


  1. The party hired to perform services completed the job under different terms than those that were agreed upon. 

When an individual is given a job to do but does it in a different way than what the other party asked for, they could file a breach of contract claim and potentially recover damages. For instance, if a party hired someone to repair their roof, and they completed the job using cheaper and less effective materials, the other party could sue if the contract stipulated that the contractor was going to use better quality materials.


What damages are awarded in a breach of contract case?


If an individual is successful at suing for breach of contract, they might be entitled to collect any of the following damages:


  • The costs associated with hiring another party to complete the job that was improperly performed.
  • The costs an individual incurred to repair the damage the other party caused as a result of the breach of contract.
  • The initial fees the individual paid for the services
  • Punitive damages, which are awarded as a way to punish another party.


Hiring a Breach of Contract Lawyer in Nashville, TN to Help with a Lawsuit


If an individual is looking to file a breach of contract lawsuit in Nashville and would like legal assistance, the Law Office of George R. Fusner, Jr. is here to help. Nashville breach of contract lawyer George R. Fusner, Jr. can determine if an individual has the grounds to sue and for how much, and can also provide guidance throughout the litigation process.


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