Accident attorneys in Shreveport, Louisiana are capable of handling any type of accident or injury claim brought their way and can determine if a lawsuit can be filed on an inmate’s behalf.
Accidents, both intentional and unexpected, lead to injuries, and injuries can then result in death. Many “accidents” seem to transpire within jails, especially those that are privatized facilities. An unfortunate case recently transpired in one private correctional facility in Louisiana leaving not one, but two inmates dead. Now, there are debates arising as to whether privatized jails should continue to be used to house inmates or whether they should be discontinued.

Two Inmates Dead in a Louisiana Jail: Why Did it Happen?

Inmate incidents are brining awareness to the fact that some jails might be hiring inexperienced and untrained staff. This could be a potential cause for many of the incidents occurring. shed light on the recent account involving Vernon White and Eerie Moore, both inmates at LaSalle Corrections Richwood Correctional Center in Louisiana. Both inmates allegedly had behavioral issues but were both placed in the same jail cell together. Both men were in the cell on “lockdown” for being disruptive. White,29, was serving time for speeding, failure to carry a driver’s license and no proof of insurance. After he was placed inside the facility, he wound up getting into an altercation with another inmate which led him to be placed in the “lockdown” cell with Moore, who was another disruptive inmate.
Although the two men had gotten into a fight the first night they were together in the cell, officers kept them together which only made the situation worse. The next day, Moore began antagonizing White, grabbing him by the throat and being physically abusive. Moore became much more agitated which caused the situation to escalate. At one point in the video surveillance tape, White stepped to one side of the cell and Moore began kicking and stomping him. Just minutes later food trays were passed through the slot in the door, yet nobody acknowledged the fact that White was lying there on the floor, dying. Moore ate both meals and nearly 20 minutes later, officers finally began looking in the cell, and not because White had been stomped to death, rather, because Moore was defecating on the floor.
Once guards realized though that more had occurred within this cell, they charged in and knocked Moore in the head. Moore was thrown to the floor, pepper sprayed, and punched, and eventually died from injuries after being taken to the local hospital.
What is alarming about all this is that while the action was being displayed on surveillance video, no one intervened to stop the inmate from stomping the other to death. And the fact that two volatile men were placed in a “lockdown” cell also raises some questions and concerns.
The families of both men hired a Louisiana accident lawyer on behalf of their deceased family member and are filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Many accidents transpire within the walls of jail cells and correctional facilities, and many go unnoticed or unacknowledged.
If you or someone you know has become injured in an accident in the Shreveport area, contact a Shreveport, LA accident attorney immediately so they can begin helping you get the compensation and justice you are seeking.

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