Although lawsuits are one way for a car accident victim to recover a settlement for their injuries and losses, there are times when an individual may be awarded a settlement prior to having taken legal action against the party who hit them. Sometimes, an accident case can be settled with the insurance company and in other instances, both drivers may be able to come to an agreement on how much one should pay the other.


Settling a Car Accident Case With the Insurer


Generally, after a driver has been involved in an accident that wasn’t their fault, they can file a claim with the other party’s insurer in an effort to recover compensation for their injuries and losses. If the insurer approves the claim, then the driver may be entitled to receive a settlement. The amount of the settlement will depend on the types of injuries the driver sustained, the losses they suffered, and how much insurance coverage is available.

If the insurer offers a car accident victim a fair and reasonable settlement, then the victim can accept it and the case would be settled. In the event the insurer tries to provide the victim with a low-ball offer, they do have the option of appealing the insurer’s decision and requesting that they be awarded a higher amount. In addition, if the insurer isn’t handling the claim properly, they can contact the Wyoming Insurance Department to report the carrier. 

Tip: It is always a good idea for a car accident victim to be represented by a Wyoming car accident lawyer in this type of situation as they can tell when the insurer is minimizing the value of the claim and can help the victim file an appeal.


Settling a Car Crash Case With the at-Fault Party


In the event the at-fault party is underinsured or uninsured, then the victim can have their Wyoming car accident attorney contact him/her to find out if he/she is willing to settle the case prior to filing a lawsuit. In some cases, the at-fault party and the victim may be able to come to an agreement on an amount. However, if the two parties cannot come to terms on a settlement, then the victim may need to utilize the legal system by filing a personal injury lawsuit.


Connect With a Wyoming Car Crash Lawyer Who Can Help


If a car accident victim is looking to recover compensation for things like past and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more, the lawyers at Frederick J. Harrison, P.C. can provide them with the legal assistance they need. Frederick J. Harrison, P.C. does offer free consultations and would be happy to determine if an individual is entitled to compensation after having suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident.


Frederick J. Harrison, P.C. can be reached at:


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