Lake City, FL—Car accident lawsuits generally cannot be revisited or reopened once they have been settled. It is for this reason that victims are encouraged to retain a Lake City car accident attorney to help with their case so they can make an informed decision on when it is the best time to settle. The fact is, if a car crash victim settles too early, they may not know the true extent of their injuries and might ask for too little.

Unfortunately, once a plaintiff (i.e. the victim in the case) agrees to accept a settlement, there is little to no chance they will be able to get their case reopened. However, if someone was involved in a car accident and is looking to learn more about reopening their case, they can contact Koberlein Law Offices to discuss this with a qualified Lake City, FL car accident attorney.


When should the victim of a car crash accept a settlement?


Until a car accident victim knows how severe their injuries are and how they will impact their lives going forward, they should wait to settle their case. Although it is understandable for a victim to want to settle early so they can access money quicker and no longer have to deal with the lawsuit process, settling too soon could result in them walking away with far less than they should receive.

Therefore, car crash victims should take into account the following before they decide to settle their case:

  1. How much they will receive once court costs and attorney’s fees are paid.
  2. Whether the settlement provides them with financial relief to make up for how their injuries affect them now and in the future.
  3. What their car accident lawyer thinks. Attorneys can usually tell when a victim is being offered a reasonable settlement and when the offer is too low. They can help a victim decide whether they should wait to settle as there is a high chance they could be awarded more or if they should accept the amount that is being offered.


If a car accident victim in Lake City was offered a settlement, whether it was from the insurance company or the at-fault party and they aren’t sure if they should accept it, they can always contact Koberlein Law Offices for legal assistance. For those who have yet to take legal action against the driver who hit them but are considering it should be aware that the State of Florida imposes a four-year deadline to get a personal injury lawsuit filed.1

Therefore, if an individual wants to get the lawsuit process started to prevent from losing out on their opportunity to sue, they can schedule an initial consultation with a car accident lawyer in Lake City, FL to find out how to do this.


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