Although being found guilty of a DUI offense might seem like the end of the world, it is important for anyone convicted of these charges to understand that they have the right to an appeal process. When you request an appeal, you are merely asking for a reversal of a decision to be provided. In terms of a DUI case, someone may file for an appeal process if they believe a mistake was made in their case and wish to have the evidence reviewed again.
Errors are made in DUI cases and convictions can be overturned if the right evidence is presented and you have the best DUI lawyer working for you.
There are many instances where the prosecuting attorneys have neglected to consider specific evidence or may have treated a case unfairly. If you were recently charged with DUI in Walnut Creek, CA or have been convicted, you still have a chance to have your charges reversed if you hire the right Walnut Creek DUI defense attorney. has connections with some of the best DUI lawyers in the state of California and will get you paired up with one immediately.

What Do I Need to Know About Appealing a DUI Charge?

In most law-related cases such as a criminal case or a personal injury case, there are always going to be deadlines you must meet. For instance, for felony cases, the California Courts requires you to file a Notice of Appeal-Felony form within 60 days from the date of the judgement or order. In the event you don’t get your appeal filed in time, you risk having it dismissed. This is yet another reason why you are going to need to hire a Walnut Creek DUI attorney. Not only do they represent you during your case and throughout your trial, but they can also work to your benefit even after a verdict has been reached.
Some other important facts regarding a DUI appeal include:
For one thing, this is not a new trial. Many are left under the impression that this a second chance at your case. While the appellate court will review evidence such as testimonies and exhibits that were presented in your trial previously, you are not being given an overall second chance at trial. The purpose of an appeal is to allow the courts to determine if they made a legal error in their decision-making process that might result in an adjustment to your penalties.
You are also given the opportunity to appeal if:

  • You believe there was not enough evidence in your trial to support the verdict of the outcome of your case.


  • You have stated that there was an error made either during or before your trial that negatively impacted your case.

Again, this is why it is essential that you have the best DUI defense attorney in California working on your side during these times. They are able to decipher if a mistake was made, file the necessary paperwork to get your appeal started, and represent you once again to prove your penalties should be reduced or possibly even thrown out.
Facing a DUI charge or already convicted? Call today and allow them to find you the professional who can help with all your legal needs.

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