In February of 2021, Texas was hit by one of the worst winter storms in recent memory. What made matters worse was the fact that the electrical grid completely failed, leading to millions of innocent people losing power for hours. Some lost their lives, while others became injured. One thing’s for sure: a lot of Texans suffered needlessly during this storm, and now many of these individuals are looking for answers. One method to regain compensation for your losses is to file an insurance claim. Others are choosing instead to file lawsuits, and companies like Griddy and ERCOT are being sued for millions or even billions of dollars.

But can an average Texan do? One of the most obvious methods is to file an insurance claim, and this approach does not require you to go to court. In fact, filing an insurance claim is often as simple as checking over your policy and contacting your provider. That being said, there are a number of considerations that you should take into account if you want to approach this situation in the most efficient manner. With the right approach, you can receive compensation that adequately covers your damages.

What Can You Claim?

You can claim many different types of damages as a victim of the Texas Freeze. Here are a few examples:


  • Spoiled Food: Many Texans lost hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of food because their refrigerators and freezers stopped working during the storm. A standard home insurance policy does provide coverage for this, and you may claim up to $2,500 in spoiled food in some cases. Keep in mind that that deductible could make this claim pointless.
  • Burst Water Pipes: If your water pipes froze during the storm, your home insurance policy should cover you. The average claim for this type of property damage is worth around $10,000.
  • Living Expenses: In some cases, Texans had to evacuate their own home and seek shelter elsewhere. If you had to pay for a hotel during this troubling time, you may have the ability to claim these hotel bills and additional living expenses.

Claims Reaching Record Levels

If you’re considering whether or not to file an insurance claim after the Texas Freeze, know that you’re not alone. According to various reports, insurance claims are at a record high in Texas following this incident. One researcher claims that the weather event will cost up to $90 billion in damages. Of that $90 million, an estimated $35 billion will stem from physical damages. Of that $35 billion, $20 billion is expected to be covered by insurance.

This means that Texans are expected to recover significant compensation after suffering damages in connection to this storm. Individuals have a very strong chance of recovering compensation because of the gross negligence on the part of the electrical grid companies. The equipment was not properly winterized, and many people claim that the companies had adequate warning about the impending storm but failed to address the vulnerabilities of their system.

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